Whoops I passed out lastnight.

I was watchin a Kevin Hart thing when I took this.
So lets try to recall yesterday

Woke up in the morning to my roomie still passed out. Guessed her 8am class wasn't being made-up, so i let her sleep. Went off to 3-d class and was slightly grumpy because I've started to realize this class isn't even about critiques, it's mostly about our teacher's opinion. We don't really get to talk about what or why we did something, he just tells us what he wants or expects from us. It's kindof stunting. We don't really learn anything. We just do stuff and hope it's up to par with what he wants. Ah well. I have to try not to get myself down about it. I think I was just grumpy about having to carry all the stuff in and we didn't even have a proper critique. Whinewhinwhindfje

Psychology was alright. While the teacher was  lecturing, he was leaning against the wall in front of me, and out of nowhere my alarm goes off, which was set to Hayley Westenra's "Prayer", for my weekend 'you don't have to wake up but it'd be cool if you did' alarm. The handful of people in my class giggled and I turned it off after my teacher asked if it was a phonecall from my mom. After saying that it was an alarm, a girl said that the song would probably put her back to sleep. It was silly. I wasn't embarrassed, I almost started laughing after the fact because of my connotation of the song. It made for a pretty much better rest of the day.

Got back to the dorm, did my Psych essay, then dove back into my vis1 homework. I was tempted to go to the Harry Potter thing going on down in the Trustees theater, but I really wanted to work on my comic pages, so I stayed in the room while my roommate and the whole rest of the school probably went down to see the movies. Heard it was a good time, so I'm happy for all those who went.

Finished about 80% of page one, finally. I intended on getting the page done by Friday, but since the first panel took me three days, I kindof just have to deal. Page two shouldn't be as stubborn, so I finish in time. I also have to remember to read over the next chapter of that book for vis1. AHhhhh

I've been so sniffly lately... hope I'm not getting super sick....

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