Uhhhh yes.

I had to click with my other hand so just one hand.
I guess today was a day also.

Woke up this morning to roommate answering the door for our RA checking everyone in by taking signatures. Pretty sure he asked about me because I looked pretty dead in bed but I was too groggy to try to open my eyes. Woke up later on at about noon and got myself a nice breakfast, waffle included. Twas a good breakfast.

After doing my bible readings for the day, I turned on L4D2 again and played the carnival level wiiith the keyboard. My controller wasn't working--which reminds me I need to restart my computer--but that can wait. I forget how difficult it was to play with the keyboard and how I'm not use to the controls on that yet. My hand got stiff after a while, it made me sad, especially since I was failing at one of the level things realllly badly... I finished the campaign eventually, though.

Roommate popped in and out of the room while I was playing. I got dinner at some point, ate, then started
my homework finally. Ended up spending a long time on the first panel with a horse and it's not even finisheddd.
I'll finish this page by tomorrow at least, though. I believe in me~

Currently resting from drawing a beautiful horse while watching a livestream. It's a good calm night~

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