It's tomorrow already but that's okay

I was too sleepy by the time I wanted to type this up lastnight so HERE I GO

Wandered out into the cold in my new jacket, feeling rather cozy and warm, and zoomed away to class. Tried to help out Lowe find files on his computer before class started but failed. Class started and we started critiques, but Lowe ended up barely critiquing my pages because he was too interested in sharing my work ethic with the classsss. I told him how I worked on that one panel for three days, but still finished on time, how I schedule working on pages throughout my days, yaddayadda. He ended up telling the class that everyone should be doing the same and I was like ahhjfdaf whatever works for everyoneeee. He still gave me good advice for improving drawing-wise, though, so I'll be considering that with future assignments.

The next one he gave us has us working with Mark Kneece's Comic Scripting class on the "Overheard Conversations on Broughton" assignment. I had the comic scripting class forever ago and knew about Kneece's class working with the Vis1 classes, so I exepected it at some point. I ended up picking out a short comic about a dog waiting on it's owner in front of CVS, because I wanted to draw dogs :D It's silly fun, though, I can't wait to work on it.

After that, I went back to the dorm, nursed a headache and took a nap. The nap helped a little and I woke up for the rest of the day to watch a bunch of stand-up comedians because I felt like a good giggle would be nice. I ended up watching two Russel Peters shows because all of his stand-ups are about cultures and it's fun to hear about from a guy who's well-travelled. I also watched Bo Burham's special and I thought it was interesting. A little funny, but more quirky and really makes you think. It was a nice relaxing night.

And that's basically all I did :D

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