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Today started out a little poopy, but that's alright. The rest of the day was reasonably okay.

So I woke up this morning at 8am to go to this presentation my 3-d teacher made mandatory for all his classes. Note that on Friday, the buses run sparsely, so I watched the bus tracker tell me that  there was only one bus going to where I needed to go, and it was 30 minutes away. The presentation started at 9. Welp.
I managed to catch and get on the bus, leaving behind some antsy students headed the same way. I felt terrible, but I didn't want to miss the sign in  that my teacher had set up, so I rode the bus to the building. 

The presentation itself was a little lacking, but the point of it was understood. A wiring company was giving the 3-d students it's scraps to build art with. I thought the idea was pretty cool. No idea what I'd try to make with any of it, but we'll see what becomes of this crazy stuff.

Afterwards was the long wait for the bus to come back around and pick up the 30+ students. I ended up staying inside to keep warm since it was so cold out, but I ended up a little anxious?? Probably because of things going on around me, but I kept to myself. I didn't like having little things get to me, so I let it settle in my mind.

Caught the bus and zoomed back to the dorms, getting lunch and etc. I opened up the plaster molds we did for 3-d today, they turned out alright. I had to scrape/file a few down so they looked nicer, so I did my best with what I could. I think they look fancy. 

Realized I was still antsy until I remembered I didn't do my bible readings for the day. So I got on that, the RAs came by to inspect the room, and I was alright. My mom called me a little while later to let me know my dad just sent a package for me with all the delicious milktea I left at home and other things. But I was kindof dismissive while I talked to my mom. I guess my mood was catching back up with me at that point. I didn't want to complain at my mom and have her worry, though, so the call was rather brief. 

I played some L4D to let off steam, but I think it ended up making me frustrated, because I failed at the first part of a campaign, like, threetimes, for three different reasons, and it wasn't even on expert or whatever. I got through the game and just jumped into bed to take a nap. I needed to be done for a while, so I slept off the anxiety. 

The nap helped a bit. I woke up and headed downstairs for dinner and these two guys quietly exchanged gamegrumps references after I walked by in my gamegrumps shirt, that was pretty cool. 

I think I got a little overexcited about my food while I was eating? I bit into my food so hard that I accidentally chipped a tooth. It wasn't painful or big or anything, but I keep feeling at it with my tongue. It just feels so odd. I read that dentists can file it down if you ask, but it'll be a long while before I see my dentist again, so maybe it'll smooth itself down with time. We'll see~

The rest of my day was spent slowly crackin away at thumbnails, the same ones as lasttime, but Lowe asked for tight thumbnails this time around, so I'm getting on that. I finished the first two pages, and I  have until tuesday to finish the last six. I planned out when I'd do each one, so I'm not worried about it. Also have to read a chapter of the book I bought for that class and type up a thing about it, but that shouldn't be too tough. 

Still enjoying my homework for this class. And the fair amount of homework for my other two classes. I have just an essay to work on that's due, like nextnext week, and I could get that started on Sunday or Monday, even. Looking forward to getting deeper into this school year already. Waiting on the all-nighterssss~

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