Ohhay :D

So today started off with me getting an email from someone who commissioned a drawing from me about a month ago. He commissioned a drawing for his sister, and he just recently gave it to her and according to him, it made her cry a bit. I'm so glad I got to do that commission and work with a super sweet brother who just wanted the best gift for his dear sister. It was a nice start to the day.

3-d was less painful since I kinda just zoned out and worked on my project. I figured I was getting sick of looking at what I made, so I asked Barbier if I could just take it apart and put it back together again and he was all for it. I was glad because I felt like I was polishing a turd.

Psych was interesting. Discussed perfectionism and attachments that distinguish certain characteristics about ourselves. I found myself nodding uncontrollably about unconditional positive regard and my teacher called me out on it. Glad that could be the thing that I could be pointed to for :D

Lookit those colors

Got home from class and found an email saying that one of my orders from yesstyle finally arrived. Walked all the way down to the package center and back, opened up my loot and was pleased. I was worried about sizing for a while because sizes in Japan/Korea/China are all sooooooooooo much smaller than in the US, so I was prepared for the clothes to possibly be too small, but huzzah! Everything fit fine and I was pleased. I made sure to order mostly oversized items anyway so everything was peachy. All the things I bought are so soft, it's absurd.

After rubbing my face in my new clothes, I found an email in my inbox saying that school was going to be cancelled because of the possible wintry snowflakes. SNOW IN SAVANNAH. AH. AHhh and school being cancelled ahhh
Looks like I have to make up my 8am/11am class one of these fridays again 8)

Anyway, after all that business, I got back to work on my comic pages for Vis 1 and FINALLY FINISHEdcdjs. So proud of myself. I even bought some sushi to celebrate when I finished, that's how good it was to finish. Then I skimmed over the chapter in my vis1 book that we had to read. Good stuff about continuity and the "action line" that I learned was called the 180 rule whenever ago. Serious business, though.

And now here I am, typing about my day--my good day :D
The end :3

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