I'm starting to feel like I should do these earlier on in the day so I don't forget

More homework dayyy so much that I forgot to take a photo of my face, whoops :D

Sat down after waking up and did my morning ritual, then turned on the livestream for church, was immediately reminded about the special music guest people, so I listened eagerly. The band is called Christafari and they're all total precious babbies. I ended up tuning into the afternoon church stream to hear the band just play all mass, and they even got into bringing people to Christ, just by inspiring everyone through their music and testimonials and augh my face  was just moist by the end of it. It was something I really needed because I've been wandering into bad habits lately and I always catch myself afterwards, but I really wanna stop those things, because I don't neeed it. So when the band members invited people up onstage to receive Christ--be it for the first time or to reestablish the connection, I just started bawling because seeing all the people up there, I was so proud, but I could feel myself standing there with them. It was justgfhhjfg  Totally something I needed.

Aside from all of that, for the majority of the day I worked on my Vis1 pages about 80-90% done, wooooo. I also poked around at moo.com's business card thingers because I've been thinking about making myself some business cards for future endeavors. Nothing set in stone, yet, I have layout actual designs I'd want when I have time, but I'll get to that soon enough :3

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