My hand is now dead maybe


I just did comics all today.

Woke up this morning with my brain somewhere I don't know where. I found an email saying that one of the random orders I made to yesstyle.com might be superdelayed because one of the things I ordered is in high demand, so it's hard to get a hold of the particular item from the seller. I don't particularly mind if it doesn't appear in my mail anytime soon, though. I made another order to make myself feel better that's already on it's way here, so yayy.

After sifting through emails, I got lost in facebook for a little while when I realized that I should've been doing my devotionals, so I shoved myself off and did those before catching the churchstream for a church back home. Then I got back into my homework of ponies and cowboys while listening to videos and looping a song from Kill la Kill in the bg.


i even made a gif for you
I worked panel by panel, pretty much, reworking sketches over the thumbnails I made for last class. Then I go over it again with the cleaned up lines, and whabam, done. It took me a while, though, considering I would redo sketches, then do the cleaned up art in one go, then take a break, but it's how I doooo.

Gonna do the next page tomorrow after classes. It's a threepanel page, so I'm sure it won't be as bad.

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