me before taking a nap
uh. I actually don't remember most of today????
Lets see what I can remember.

So did the usual morning biz and leaped out into the cold morning air to wait for a bus. Then the bus came and there was a weird detour along the way, but no big. It was just new to  start off with.
In class we made 3-d things with paper and yadda I put my camera away already so I can't get the photo I took, dern. So that took all class. Then I went to  Psychology and I was so proud of myself for remembering my boOK THAT I FORGOT MY NOTEBOOK, aghfdajkf. I took notes in my sketchbook, but i felt all disorganized because professorman gave us printable notes and I like marking stuff in that so I'll have to go back in and scribble all over that at some point, sighhhhhhhhh justkidding, no big :D

it's a house maybe
uhhh after that, I just tucked myself back away in the dorm. Watched a ton of videos and slowly chipped
away at my vis2 homework. Didn't nearly do as much as I wanted to, so I'll probably be working on it more tomorrow. No break for videogames this weekend, ohnooooo.

wheeeee it's past midnight maybe I should sleep, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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