School as usual

I was cutting up foamcore board on the floor...
I guess it was a good day? Tiring day. And super windy.

I wrote myself up a checklist lastnight of things to buy at CVS today, and a shortlist of things to look at in the wigstore if I went there as well. Safe to say that as soon as I bought everything at CVS, there was no way I was carrying all of it into that cramped little wigstore. So that was my adventure afterclass.

In class, though, Lowe just critiqued our clean/tight thumbnails. I guess he really liked mine, even after pointing out a couple errors here and there. He said that he hardly ever compliments student work and I was just like 'no gross, shh tell me all the bad, I know there's bad somewhere'. Arrgglarh
He let us out early after assigning us two pages to do finished pages for. I'm excited to work on those already.

After lunch, I found myself flipping through some old SEQA classwork pages I have tucked away in a pack of bristol and was kindof impressed with myself??? I mean, I've definitely improved in drawing, but I was so pleased with all the work I've been able to do here at SCAD. I have plenty of things I can stick into my portfolio, even, it's awesome. I'm just absurdly proud of myself.

Got all my stuff ready for tomorrow. I have my book for Psychology this time, I made sure.
Lookin forward to a good day tomorrow~

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