More comics todayyy

And it's only just midnight.
Besides that, today was an... okay day, I guess. 

Woke up a bit more groggy than usual. Got ready and put a little bit of food in me, which didn't give me much time to do my bible readings, which made me a little antsy, but I made due later on. Ran off to class and squidged clay around in 3-d, yadda. Class let out a minute or two early, so I hopped out to wait for the
I made a diagram
bus, aaas a bus was leaving. So I waited a bit, then a Red Express bus came by, and I jumped on, thinking I'd get to my next class super early. I forgot to take into account that the Red Express bus goes all the way down to Monty now, soooooooooooooooohjfsk.
I still got to class early, so no big.
As soon as I sat down in Psychology, I realized I had this intense headache. The talking in the class wasn't helping, so I tried to just zone out, but no dice. Sat through the class with the headache, closing my eyes everysooften to relax my brain somehow. Didn't help much.

After class, I went down to the package center to get the books I ordered for school, realizing I wouldn't make it for lunch, so I went up to the student convenience store and picked myself out a nice tray of sushi and a bottle of milk and headed back to the dorm to eat my bounty. Managed to get all of 10 steps away from my door--dropped my tray of sushi. BUT IT'S OKAy because only the bonus california rolls flopped out. I only really wanted the nigiri which stayed safe in the container. Had my sushi and was pleased. 

Finished eating and finished up my bible reading--read about Jacob and Laban. I read a passage about their covenant back when I was taking a bible study, but it was out of context, so I wasn't exactly sure what was going on, just had the gist of it at the tip of my tongue, but after reading through everything beforehand, Laban's covenant makes more sense--and seemed a little possessive, but all in all was understandable. Jacob sure went through a lot, though...

When I finished, my headache was still stewing, so I took a nice long nap for two hours. Woke up and the headache was pretty much gone, so I hopped onto my laptop and started to work on my comic homework.
Took me a little while to get back into it, but I finished in about 3-4 hours. I took a showerbreak in the middle of it somewhere, I forget.  But I did it and finished and now I don't have to worry about possible allnighters because I finished, yaaay.

For tomorrow, I think all I have to do is do finishing touches on the claythings I did in class today and I'm set. Wondering what assignment we'll have next in Lowe's class, though. I've missed slaving over comics.

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