Ahhhh  today was a cold day and it was super cool.
... ;D

I woke up this morning to one of my posters falling near my head. Still haven't put it back up, yet, but I will in a few. Did my readings before throwing myself out into the cold...
Twas a nice 20-something degrees all day today, so lovely. Caught an empty bus going to the seqa building and hopped into my Vis 1 class, waiting for my buddy that I found out would be in that class for me. Buuut unfortunately a familiar face I haven't been too fond of was there and there first. Lots of talking...
But class itself was lovely. It's my first time having class with John Lowe and I've heard nothing but good things about him and his crazy voice, and I expect an awesome fun class of learning. 

Walked through the brisk cold after class to buy supplies at Blicks,then trekked the rest of the way to visit the geekstore/Planet Fun along the way, where I found they have a Saint Walker figurine :(
I want it terribly...
They also had a billion Monster High dolls tucked away in the corner, I thought it was silly. There was a... somethingsomething Catrine and I was kinda interested in throwing my money at her, but I held back. Bounced back to the dorms and got lunch, then  trekked back through the cold to go to Ex Libris to get the books I need for class. Luckily, half the books I needed weeerrre gone already, so I went back to the dorms with a giant piece of foam core board and one book. 

When I got back to the dorm, I went onto Amazon and looked up all the books I needed for next week and ordered them. LITTLE DID I KNOw that I just ordered them to be sent to my old house iiin Las Vegas, nooot where I needed them to go. So I quickly looked for a way to change the address, buut no dice. So had to send emails to all the sellers and ask them to redirect the books to me here in Savannah. Two of the sellers got back to me and said they'd be right on it... we'll see about the third. Hopefully I'll get the books before I need them because iii'd be worried otherwise. But I'm sure everything will be handled fine. 

Immediately got to work on my 3-d homework, which was to take a word and make it 3-d, and finished rather quickly. (see top photo for it)

Roommate left to go to work a little after that and I was immediately reminded by my darling friend Lei/Katie that  Agents of SHIELD came on tonight. So I got to watch that and cry a lot. Sigh. Goodness gracious that show makes me hurt. 

I've got another homework assignment to do for Vis 1, which is to thumbnail 12 pages of a script. I'm actually excited to get to work on that soon. Thumbnails are always fun. 

Hopin for another successful day tomorrow~ <3

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