Coldcold again

This is gonna terrify me in the future.
Interesting day todayyy

Woke up before my alarm as usual, passed out for 30 more minutes before being startled awake. As usual.
Did my bible readings and had cereal, then hopped off to wait for the bus. It was extra cold out and I had to wait extra long outside. The windchill was enough for me to want to go back inside for a while, but I stayed and waited. Paced around a bit to keep warm and was eventually swept away to class~

Lowe's class was fun, we split into two groups and critiqued eachother's thumbnails, then Lowe gave us a long lecture/tutorial on how to MangaStudio again. The more he shows us, the more I want to get it. Oneday, perhaps.

Class let out early because Lowe ran out of things to tell us, so I hopped onto the bus and journeyed back to O-house. Got lunch and relaxed for a bit before stepping back out into the cold.

So manyyyy~
So the nearby comicbook shop is closing down soon and I'd been meaning to go down there and stock up on comics. I think I lurked around the shop for 40 minutes before deciding what to buy. Turned out there was a superdiscount on almost everything, so I saved about 20$ on 7 comics, one being a hardcover. Asked the cashier guy whyy the store was closing down, and he mentioned how that store and another store were the only  two comic shops in Savannah, and competing, and added that the other /larger/ store was more popular, so the store I was at was losing money and the rent for the store itself was eating them alive. I'm sad that it'll be gone, though. It's only a couple convenient blocks away, even closer than any of the comicstores back home in Vegas are to my house, so it's been the only way I've been getting comics, because it's soooooooooooooo boring to get comics in the mail. So much more fun to go to comic stores and browse. Like how it was fun to browse titles in video rental stores....

Not much happened after that. I installed and played Dragon Age: Origins, finally. Played for 4 hours with my adorable lady dwarf rogue. Funtimes.

I have a manditory lecture to go to tomorrow morning for 3-d class, so I should probably head to bed soon.

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