I still haven't figured out why I have so many pageview, but oh well.
Today was a cleaning day, so not too eventful.

Woke up, got breakfast and saw that JO's was full of non-students/SCADday visitors, so iI ran for the hills. Ate breakfast and decided that, since my roommate would be away for most of the day because of SCADday that I'd clean up the room without worrying about disturbing her/invading her personal space. Did all the cleaning, showered, took out the trash, got dinner, then trimmed my bangs because I could.
UHhhhhh then I did laundry in the upstairs washer and then with the dryer on this floor. The dryer did a terrible job of drying things, but it's all good. After that, I worked on my thumbnails. Finished with that, though, so now I'm just sitting here at 3am, pondering what else to do. Think I'll read the thing Lowe told us to read for homework.

Oh, yeah, I did call up my mom and apologized for being a butt to her yesterday and we had a nice chat about food and things, it was nice.

Soooooooo yeh, that was my day~ Roommate is gonna be at her house til probably tuesday, so have the room to myself. Moved the TV so I currently have it connected to my laptop for dualscreen action, awwyes~

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