It's slightly cold in our room.

Toooday was day that I thought would be stressful but was not, as per usual. Woke up before my alarm again, did the usual morning ritual, did my bible readings with eating cereal, then headed out the door to wait for the bus.

3-d class was mostly us pouring plaster onto our clay reliefs. Was messy and stressful in the fact that I forgot
No lie, this butt was kindof heavy.
to get one of the important supplies, but the class is full of cool kids so everyone shared and it was cool. Starting to notice how much Barbier babbles about how excited he is about a project we're not even close to doing, yet. It's endearing, but at the same time, he keeps going on and on for a while. I don't mind him being excited, but he makes us stand around him and watch him show us random stuff when I kinda just wanna sit and listen to him instead. Ah well. I'll make do, because he dislikes negative nancies as much as I do, and I appreciate that and don't wanna be a negative nancy :D

So I got onto the bus to head to my Psych class wheeen I realized--in my preparedness to go to 3-d class--I forgot to bring my book for Psych. I momentarily freaked out in my head, started to think of ways for me to go back to the dorm and fetch the book, but there wasn't much time and the buses are so sporadic/unreliable sometimes, and I didn't want to be late. So I just went to class with no book. Luckily, we didn't get into the book today, but will for next class, woot. In class, we got into birth order stuff and  sectioned off into groups of only children, oldest, and youngest, because there were no middlechilds present. Got to listen to a lot of my fellow youngest children's stories. Twas nice.

Headed back to the dorm, got lunch, ate, then took this nice long nap for 2hours before getting started on my homework to thumbnail this story for Lowe's class. Finished a couple minutes ago, and now I'm resting in bed because my bum hurts~
This is how my screen looked for most of the night.

I really missed the tough work of my SEQA classes, so I'm glad I'm taking this Vis 1 class with a teacher I expected to be intense, because it's pushing me to do my best with these assignments. Reminds me why I wanted to come to SCAD in the first place, and why I was so depressed back in AiLV. I wanted a challenge doing something I loved--telling stories in comic form. Back when I was doing animation back at the Art Institute, animation was never a field I was looking into getting in as a career. It was fun to learn, but doing it all the time wasn't my cup of tea. The only class I really loved there was the storyboarding class, which was the closest to comics I was going to get from there, and the thrill I got from that class was just a reminder of how much I didn't want to make picture move--I just wanted to tell stories. So I transferred out of AiLV and into SCAD. Best decision, and I couldn't be happier anywhere else. Thank the Lord for bringing me out of my darkness and into the light again.

Excited for class in the morning~

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