It's a cakeball. I didn't really like it. 
I have them
Today was an okay day, though.

Woke up this morning beeefore my alarm, as usual, thought I missed it, but I always check the bathroom light as a sign of my roommate getting ready, and indeed she was. So I closed my eyes for a while longer before throwing myself off the bed and getting myself ready as well. Did my bible readings and  ran off to class.

We had critique on the comic pages we did for Lowe's class. Lowe pointed out how my character acting is stiff, whiiiich is what happened when I overwork little details in drawing, oops. So I'll fix that. He told us how we as artists don't have the luxury of film/movies where subtlety is usable in character acting. So I'll solve that by thinking more theater with the next assignment, which is supposed to be potentially disturbing. We'll see how much fun I have with this one~
Sidenote, my past professor whom I call Bralph (Brian Ralph) wandered in during my critique while one of my pages for the homework was up on the projector. He was looking for cables for the Elmo thinger, spotted me, and I made a face, and he just gave me the usual blank/excited stare. And as he was leaving, he said "So you're looking at Cazel's work, eh?" and I just barked "NO IT'S  NOT, HUSH" because I would that with bralph always because everyoneelseintheclassesihadwithhimwouldbesodead. So I had to carry on with that attitude with Lowe's critiquing and I guess it worked out for me, because he's super incredibly sarcastic, so this might be cool. I might just resume keep quiet, though, everyone else talks enough in that class.

Walked back from class to stop by Planet Fun and look at a certain figurine, then went to CVS to buy some cereal and check for pushpins. Couldn't find the ones my 3-d teacher (Barbier) wants us to have, so I had to go to Ex Libris after eating lunch. Ended up buying pens because a bunch of the ones I use normally have been running low on ink, even though they seem perfectly fine now. Oh well, more pens~

Watched today's episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. by myself--my friend in Wisconsin usually watches with me and we spam each other many undecipherable letters via skype chat, but she had to work tonight. I'll get to scream at her and discuss theories and such when she does watch, but  I'm so upset about having to wait for Feb 4 for the next episodesjhf It's just two weeksnvmfs

So I realized earlier that we're already in week two of school, which means we already only have eight weeks left of class til spring break, which I'll be spending here in my dorm. I'm not angry for the wait, I'm devastated at how short the time seems already. My view of time might be a little skewed, but it feels like April is next week, when it isn't, and my birthday in August feels like next month. And I continue feeling like nothing is rushing towards me--like there's nothing I can't take on that's directly thrown at me. I feel no rush. I welcome the time passing with my arms wide open.

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