I don't know what to title this one

Today was a day that was a day.

I keep waking up before my alarms, not that I mind, but I end up laying in bed, waiting for my alarm to go off. Flopped out of bed, got dressed and did my Bible readings, then bounced off to class.

Lowe had us hopping around classrooms all day. We started off in this tiny room with barely any space to scoot around in. I don't get claustrophobic normally, but that  little space I was in felt mighty cramped and made me uneasy. Luckily we were out of there because the projector decided not to work. Moved us down to the room I had Goto's class in so I got some flashbacks, but it's okay. I got to watch Lowe's scarf dance around while he lectured.
Have an assignment for two finished penciled comic pages due for monday from that class, eager to start on that tomorrow.

Got back to the dorm and pretty much relaxed all day. Watched the new episodes of Samurai Flamenco and Kill la Kill, the two superawesomesillyfuncrazy animus I've been watching recently. Good episodes... Kill la Kill always likes to remind me that I want the soundtrack desperately. Apparently the OST just released for US sellers a few days ago, aahhh...
I'll be getting a physical CD because man, that album...

Played through Stanley Parable a few times. I ended up remembering a lot from the alpha version forever ago. There was even an ending where you drop into the alpha version, I got a little giddy at that. Still, fun game. Might play it a few more times in the future.

Just watched the latest episode of Sherlock... admittedly, I liked that episode a lot. I thought it was adorable. And gross. Andjklfasvfs

Yesterday, my parents called me to tell me that there was some fraud scam thing going on in target so I had to cancel my debit card. Mom checked and saw that there was a payment of 70-ish$ at target around December and was kinda suspicious...
... pretty sure that was the day I went Christmas shopping for everyone... WELP. that's that. I wasn't worried, my parents were handling it already, I just had to chop up my debit card, which was fun.

.. I'm kinda just laying in bed right now, running out of things to type, so I'll stop here.
So glad for the good/interesting start to my school year~ <3

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