Flyin around

Reunited with my guard fox
Today has been an extension of yesterday for me, so it has been vveeeery long, but I am here in Savannah in one piece and ready to babble about my beautiful lovely morningday.

At about 3am, after hours of squidging things around in my luggage as I tend to do, I headed out to the airport with my parents. At the ticket kiosk, I found that I couldn't print my ticket for my stopover and I didn't know I had to take it up to the gate--or anything about what was about to happen or what I needed to do, for that matter. So I went about like normal, scurrying along to my gate, then I hopped up to the counter and showed them my thing, becuase I didn't know. The guy at the desk told me they'd call me up when they have my stuff printed. It took me two visits to the desk for me to understand him exactly. But I settled in a seat, started flipping through my Bible to calm me down, watching as the seating area cleared out while everyone boarded the plane. I was getting worried that I wasn't getting on this plane--not that it was a problem, entirely. I was still at home, so I wasn't too freaked out. Just antsy that the plane ticket my parents got was a waste.
Eventually, I showed my face at the counter again at the guy recognized me and called me over to give me my tickets, yayy. I even ended up getting window seats for both flights, which was fantabulous for me, even if I konked out for each one.

Aside from the early bumps, the rest of my travels were smooth. I sat next to these two sisters from Florida and I got to chat with them before and after the first flight. They were super nice, I wish I was smart enough to get their names. There was lady in the row behind us who was very pukey, but I missed out on the 3hours of it because I had much music in my ears. Lucky me? Poor lady, though. Hope she's doing allright now.

My stopover was estimated to be about 45 minutes long, and my mom was worried, after buying the tickets, that I wouldn't have enough time to make it from gate to gate, but that wasn't the case at allll. I got to my
Scary tower of luggage in front of me...
second gate with enough time to order a sandwich from quiznos. And probably enough time between getting the sandwich and getting on the plane to have eaten the sandwich, but I didn't for whatever reason, which I later regretted. Got on the plane, window seat, and no one sat down next to me. Ahhhh I napped that whole flight, it was good.

Finally, I popped into Savannah and gathered up my luggage so that I could stand around outside and wait for the school's shuttle to come by and pick me and 67t954758420 other kids up. They ended up making this pile of suitcases in the back and it  was kindof terrifying, riding through the freeway with the stack of millionbillion pound suitcases... Funtimes :D

Got dropped off at O-house, was greeted by a familiar face at the security desk, then headed on up to my room, which I expected to be in shambles for some reason. And maaan was I right. My walls were supposed to be covered in big dumb posters stuck up on the brick & cement walls with squidgy mounting putty...


Well then.

.... I guess over the break, all of the putty decided to... stop. So all my posters were just shlumped ontop of everything--and probably for a while, because they all got kinda bent into shape from how they were sitting. So I spent a while fixing those beeeefore finally feeding myself, omg. That quiznos sub sandwich was probably underpar, but man was it delicious at the time.

After that I passed out for a long hour--which was briefly interrupted by one of my posters collapsing onto me again, aahhasjfa.... and now here I am, slowly unpacking my belongings.

It's been a long interesting day... can't wait for breakfast tomorrow...

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