And here I am again :D

Oh yes I have a face
Another quiet day over here on MLK day.

I've gotten use to the sound of parades and things passing nearby. So when I woke up this morning, I wasn't too surprised at the sound of drums in the distance. Went downstairs to get food and saw that all the tv screens were set to watch the MLK parade that was going on right down the street. The busy workers got to enjoy the parade in their own way, and that made me smile. 

After eating, I dove right back into my homework, albeit slowly. I ended up having to take a break in the middle of almost finishing to nap because I was getting a headache. The 30min nap cured me and I  got right back to work and finished at 7pm, in time to get dinner. 

From then on, I haven't been doing much. Just took a shower and now I think I'll go play Dragon Age to reward myself for finishing my homework. :D

Looking forward to class tomorrow~

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