Farewell, Santa dog. We knew you briefly.
Bit of a quieter day today.

Before going to bed lastnight/this morning at 3am (whoops), I watched the new episode of BBC's Sherlock. Didn't realize I missed that show till I watched it. It also made me want to watch the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies, but I only have the first movie, darn. But that was a nice way to end the day.

I'm very good at washing dishes, yo.
Woke up at 10-ish, did the morning routine and made myself a waffle sandwich with... avocado and turkey. And a bit of syrup... so very yummy. Then after, I washed the dishes and ended up magically stabbing myself in the finger with a pair of scissors while I was still soaping up plates. I resumed rinsing off dishes with one hand because ew... I got a cut on the same hand from another dish washing "incident". I think something really doesn't want me to wash dishes anymore... Ah well, I'll keep doing it anyway :D

My mom wanted to go out and have dinner as a family before I left for school tomorrow morning, so my dad and I waited at home for her to finish up work. Dad took a long nap and I rearranged the clothes to travel to Savannah with.

On our way to pick her up, I asked my dad his opinion on how reliable certain car brands are. Twas an interesting drive. After getting to my mom's workplace a few minutes early, my dad and I got to talk to one of her co-workers/friends for a little while. She's super sweet and her kids are adorable. Wish I could talk to her more in the future, hmhm.

So, my mom's plan was to go to the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet restaurant Makino's for dinner today. We got to the restaurant and the doors were all closed and there were no signs saying anything about it being closed or anything. I was a little disappointed, but my parents and I hopped back in the car and ventured up to another buffet-style Asian restaurant, Buffet Asia. The only memories I really had of the place--the specific one we went to--was getting a little bit of food poisoning after. But we went, and I kept away from certain foods and it was allright. Aside from overeating, at least.

The drive home was quiet while my dad and I sang the songs that came up on the radio.

 And back in I gooo...
And now  I must resume packing for Savannah. I only just checked the weather forecast and it says that it'll be pretty cold down there by the time I get back. That should be nice, since I like colder weather, but I'm trying to pack light...
We'll see how it goes...

My flight is at 6am so I'll be in Savvy by my next entry. Prayin for a smooth flight tomorrow and a swell school year~ <3

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