Chill day today~

All I did today was my homework. Tried to play Trine2 with mah buddy Sir/Sarah but the connection kept dropping for some reason so every two minutes, I'd get booted out of the game. It was goodtimes, though~

Lookit these poops.

Did my 3-D homework, which was to make these... clay.. thingers to make bas reliefs from next week. Only had to make three little ones, we're making three more on Monday, but let me tell you how haard it is to push clay around with just one thumb. My cut on my left thumb hasn't healed up yet, but it's stopped bleeding/being red, at least, so I've been managing~

For the rest of the weekend til Tuesday morning, I'm gonna be working on those two pages for  Lowe's class. I'll have so much fun with that, aww yis.
Wheeeee thumbnails

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