I hope these posts don't become just about food everyday...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm food.
I just finished eating. I ate a lot today, ahh.

Woke up around 11 this morning and read through my Bible as usual, doodled a bit, got breakfast/lunch, then opened up the livestream for a church service back home. Makes me feel less homesick at times, but it's also been a nice way for me to keep learning about the word.

Fairly quiet throughout the day until my roommate burst through the door and showered me with her
I made a rainbow
with my presents :3
presence--and a present, also. The gift of clean hands and soft skin/hand sanitizer and lotion, yaaay.

After she rearranged all her things about the room, she skedaddled out to the mall to go return some things, so I was left to a quiet room once again. I filled up the time with video games, specifically the second season of The Walking Dead Game. Aaaaah good stuff. Been waiting to play it since it was announced forever ago. Never disappointed by TWDG.
Speaking of games, I bought Dragon Age Origins a while ago and haven't played it yet. I figure as soon as I start playing it in the future, I won't stop. So I'm pretty much waiting for when I have plenty of freetime to do nothing, namely spring break, since I won't be going home for that week, and I'll have nothing to do. Can't wait to play it, thoughhhhhhh. So I can lose hours of my life...
I also have L4D2 on steam, since I won't be bringing my xbox down here anytime soon, so I can get my videogame fix from that, still. My favorite way to vent is an hour of L4D. I just played an hour or so of it with rantom add-ons. I wanted my babbies to be lovely.
Coach was in a suit, too ;3

Uhhhmm, aside from that, nothing much else has happened. Been thinking about watching Doctor Who or Firefly all day--all week, really. Mmmmaybe I'll start it this week. Or next. Or... something.

First day of class tomorrow morning. Excited and slightly nervousss. New teachers and new names and new faces to leaaarn. We'll see how this all goes~ <3

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