Whoops forgot to write about my uneventful day lastnight, here I goo

NO PICHER TODAY BECAUSE I HAVE NONE FROM YESTERDAY and no cut because not much happened.
I think all I did was homework until the wee hours of the night, so I forgot to write anything here. But thaat's basically it? I woke up, watched the church stream after my readings, then I threw open my textbook and started reading, then I wrote up the short essay thing I had to do for it, aaand then I worked on thumbnails while watching an old stream of Cryaotic playing FF7, which makes me nostalgic and omg I remember all the choices and what leads to what way too clearly. I think I played that game too much in the past, but I want to play it again rightnow, uh.

Gotta finish my thumbnails today, though, then maybe I can play Dragon Age or something. Maybe. We'll see how lazy I get today. :D

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