nothing exciting, but I did things because of things.

My mornings get fuzzier and fuzzier since I've fallen in to a routine. Oh, but the busride was slightly stressful. we were behind a car at a stoplight when suddenly the busdriver starts to try to pull up and beep at the car in front of us, slightly frantic. I'm sitting in the front so I can see in the sidemirror that there's a fire truck zooming up behind the bus, blaring its horns. Our busdriver starts freaking out and honking for the car to get out of the way and finally the car moves out of the way in time for the firetruck to pass. It was a little stressful, but I felt we were in good hands, so I didn't worry. We arrived at our destination in one piece.

Class waaaas slightly different. The career advisor for SEQA was visiting and talking to us about all the stuff  he had to tell us about the career advising stuff he does. I listened to him talk to one of my classmates before class started and that's when he pretty much explained all the good stuff. For actual class, though, Lowe had us do thumbnail practice and whatnots. The process he had us do caught me off guard for a minute, but I fell into the steps quick enough and picked up what to do. I'm workin hard but I keep finding myself most invested in this class. I dig it. I'm enjoying doing comics, surpriisseeeeeee

After class, I walked down Broughton and zoomed into the wigstore like I've been wanting to do. I always forget how tiny it is but how much stuff they have is overwhelming sometimes. I had to go up and down the aisles a coupletimes before I realized I didn't really know what I needed to get there. So I left empty handed, but I've got an idea of what they have there, now. My problem is I keep thinking about howwww I'm gonna get stuff back home in the summer, so I don't buy anything... ah well. One day, I will purchase redboots, because that is why I go there. Bright red boots that I can't wear with anything, yessssssss.

Got back to the dorm, had lunch, then started poking away at my 3-d homework, which involved me wasting a ton of watercolor paper that I cut up into small sheets when I was done so I could use them for little random postcards or something in the future. But I was cutting them all with an exacto knife, and I ended up tiring the muscles in the back of my neck doing it??????? It's weird, they're still kinda sore.

After dinner, I got back into my Vis1 homework. I have just started putting specific objects and characters into the first panel jkgfs I work too hard on establishing shots...........

jkfdlajfka that's it, I have make-up classes tomorrow so I should go to sleep now, hjvgfsk

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