First day of class

This is my tired face
Uhh. Welp. It was a day.

Woke up this morning and didn't want to leave my bed. But I pushed myself out and got ready for class, reading through my bible before heading out.

Hopped on the bus and sat down in a seat that had coffee spilled all over the floor, that was nice. Bounced into class--3-D Design with Barbier--and got to listen to a nice long lecture about a million things at once. Good times. Not sure what I was paying attention to, but I did. Barbier seems like a cool dude. Have a mini project due for that class already, we'll see how that goes. When that was all done, I jumped out and back onto the bus to my next class, Psychology of Self with Uzmann. Not expecting much but a simple class that's interesting to listen to. Uzmann seems pretty cool, too. He briefly mentioned polygamy and sparked this whole discussion amongst the class. I thought that was... uh... interesting to listen to. Pretty sure this'll be a class I sit back and just listen to. I needed a Psych class, so there I am.

When class was over, there was a bus right outside, but it was one of the buses with the rows of seats along the inside walls of the bus, and all the seats were full, and I got in, realizing that. There are handlebars overhead... but... I'm... short. So those don't matter in the slightest. I ended up getting off the bus and waiting for the next one. And let me note that before my classes--at 7am, it was 65 degrees. After my Psych class, at 1:30 pm, it was 44 degrees............................
I don't mind it because I like the cold but hjfdal

Got back to the dorms, got lunch, hopped back up to my room and ate. I can't remember what I had, I think it was a lot of meat. Delicious meat...
Watched a couple videos until my roommate left for work, then I unplugged my headphones and started to play L4D2 again. This time, with velociraptors.....

Finished dinner a little while ago, so now I'm just hanging out. 
I was talking to Ashlet last night about how I'm journal-ing and she suggested I start recording a prayer list
alongside my journals, so that when I look back  in the future, I can see what God has been doing with those prayers and how He's been moving through my life. I thought it was a good idea, and I found the perfect notebook/journal to keep track of these prayers in. 
Can't wait to ruin these
pages with my writing 83
It's a Skywriting Journal I bought from Modcloth ages ago, but never found a particular use for. It's really just a floppy book with
doublespread photos of the sky and clouds that you can write or draw on. I have a fascination with the sky and clouds, so I bought the book mostly for decoration and to flip through when I'm really bored. But it seems almost too perfect for this prayer list idea. Welp, here I go~

Tomorrow I have my one SEQA class of the quarter, Visual Storytelling 1/Vis 1. It's supposed to be super intensive and I've been needing a super intensive seqa class for a while. Last one I had was last spring quarter, the Directed Collaborations class which... had me a many sleepless night to do a work. I can't wait to have those again ;3

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