I've been doing homework forever, so not much new on this front.

Lowe approved of the cartoony comic idea I had enough that he believed I could finish all 8 pages by the due date, instead of just the 3 he assigned everyone else. Got one done for the following class and he asked if I could color a few of them, too. I've been wanting to work on just this comic all week/weekend, so I guess that's a good thing. Lined 5 out of the 8 pages already, eager to do the restt. It's like I'm doing a personal project comic again, I missed thiiiissss.

lookit that turd
Misshaps with my 3d project occurred and I got to the point of "not caring very much". But it's done and it looks like a big turd in the classroom but whatev, it's done :D

Got to talk with my project partner a lot, though. She's super chill and she told me about all her comic/videgame ideas and characters and I was so impressed on the handle she has on all the stories. This dear freshman is going to go far, yo :3
We waited outside of Arnold Hall for a bus to come around on Saturday afternoon, and at first, we had to let this couple who claimed to be SCAD students into the building?? I wasn't sure about them, but whatever. After that, though, these three little girls gathered around us and watched up draw. One of them was kindof cute and I wanted to draw her, but she ended up riding her bike around the corner where I couldn't see her. Oh well.

Signed up for classes earlier in the week, got into Drawing for Storyboarding, 20th Century Art History, and Getting Published & Self Publishing for Comics with the cutiest SEQA teacher lady, Kit Seaton. I only had her as a professor once, but I really adore her  and her art style, the fact that she's teaching the GettingPublished class makes me need to take it. Looking forward to that class, as well as the others :D

Also, my gross tummy problem seems to have gone away. I'll be keeping mostly to the foods I've been eating to stop the problems from persisting just in case, though.

Alsoalso, I finally got my first order from yesstyle.com. It took forever because one of the orders ran out of stock while they were waiting for the order to go through. But it finally arrived... and one of the things doesn't fit. I was expecting this to happen, mostly. I ordered the items without really considering the measurements, like I did with my second order. I bought a pair of leggings that had a skirt attached. I got the leggings on my body fine............ but... my butt is a bit too big, lol. I've been considering cutting off the leggings bit so I could just use the skirt, but I also have wishful thinking that thinks that when I lose enough weight, it'll fit fine. So whatever, we'll seeeeeee.
My only excuse for not working out is my lack of proper sneakers. Hoping to fix that soooon.

.. ALSoalsoalso, my mom told me that she and my dad finally upgraded their phones, so I get to do that when I come back home. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not looking forward to the fact that AT&T doesn't supply Sony Ericsson phones anymore for whatever reason. I really dig their phones/interfaces, but I might have to settle for a Samusing galaxy whatever thing that everyone has that is gigantic. I still don't understand the giant smartphone trend. I really miss flip phones and how cute and compact they are :(
lookit this  adorable cd cover

... what else..........

Oh, the RAs for my dorm floor made a cute mix CD of songs that they asked people to suggest songs that were relevant to their personalities or whatever. I ended up being the only one to add an obnoxious electro/dubstep song and it sounds so out of place amongst all the folk-y/alternative/pop music...... But oh well. It is a me song :D

AAnnnd I think that is all :D All of this post is rather out of order, but whatever :3

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