... I think it's late enough in today that i can combine yesterday and today :D

I am now ultra skrillex...
... or my hair is just in a ponytail :D
So I'll do that :D

SO YEsterday, I went to 3-d slightly less grump. We had a mini presentation thing where we had to pitch our rhythm projects to the teacher, pretty much. He had us think up three ideas to pitch to the whole class to potentially have the class team up together to do cool stuffs, but only one person decided they wanted to work with someone and that was a super chill girl named Lacey who will be joining my in my project to make a giant tornadotwister of paper birds :D I'm excited to work on it :3

After that, I had a test in Psych, which was pretty much as simple as I expected. I glanced over my notes briefly before the test and I feel like I did well. Next class, we're starting up the sections in Myers-Briggs, and I'm looking forward to that because I've got a slight interest in all of it :3

One of my many squirrel doodles
Had lunch after class and then went out to CVS to go do on-location drawings for Lowe's class. I forgot what it was like to draw out in public, but I settled into it after a while. While I was out there, this squirrel sat in the tree in front of me and kept me company, I ended up drawing it a couple times. There were also several dogs being walked through that square I was in, which was convenient since the comic script I got is about dogs.
Drawing out in public is super fun, though. I remember when I used to /have/ to do people/gesture/life drawings for a class back in AI, I would go to the casino across the street and sit around in the food court and just draw all the older men and women who had no idea I was looking at them. It was really fun and cool to do, especially with a ballpoint pen, so I couldn't think about mistakes. I ended up wandering into the kindof extravagant lobby once and started doodling this group of people and one of them walked over to me and asked me what I was doing and I showed him the drawing that I did of him and he was so pleased. It was a goodtime~

Can't remember what I did after CVS, though. I think all I did was draw and scan drawings for Lowe's class and that's about it. Glanced over classes for next quarter since registration is soon. I found out that the Digital Coloring and Lettering for Comics cutie teacher that I had last quarter is teaching the Getting Promoted and Self-Publishing class that I've been thinking about taking that class since school started up again. The fact that she's teaching it makes me determined to take it because she's such a sweet lady and I felt like she knew what she was doing and was never worried because she could swoop in and help me with my [digital coloring] troubles :D

Watched the first episode of the new season of The Following and rekindled my adoration for a certain babyface-d character named Mike Weston. I missed screaming "babyface" at him every time he showed up.

Today was aaaa nice end to the school week. Lowe's class was pretty much him looking at the reference photos and drawings we took/did for our comics. Got to look at several pictures of dogs because of my references were all just dogs. After that, he let us leave early, pretty much, unless we needed help. I was the last one out of the class because I needed to tell him my idea to fix the comic script I got. He dug it, and I skedaddled on out.

Afterwards I got to join a friend for lunch down in JOs where we pretty much talked about every TV show we could think of. She told me about Orphan Black and got me really interested in it, so I'll probably be watching that in the near future. It was nice to just chat with someone about whatever again, though :D

Settled back into my dorm and discovered that Steam is having a free weekend of Borderlands 2 as well as a sale, so I downloaded it immediately and started playing. I might have to buy it because it's sort of fun...............

After an hour of Borderlands 2, I watched another episode of The Following and got spooked by how similar two of the character are to two of my oowwn. It's spoopyyyy

Aaand now here I am :D
I haven't been taking enough photos as I intended for this blog, but eh, what can I doo.
Might go play a little more Borderlands 2 maybe..........

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