Not sure what I'm doing here.
Todayyy was a sleepy day.

I feel like I always get to my 3-d class grumpy nowadays. Teacher did his thing and I just tried to do the thing. Got somewhere inbetween with a sub-par mood, but it was okay because I felt cute in my outfit :3

When I got to Psych and my mood dialed back down to normal, I suddenly got really sleepy and ended up dozing off a couple times on accident, but I made up for it by talking in class, yaay.

Aside, since nearly all the classes were cancelled week, everything that was supposed to be due and happen today was pushed to next class. I thought that was nice and also inconvenient because I was totally ready to turn in things and do tests today, but ah well. I welcome the extra day of not test or presentations.

When I went down to JOs for lunch, I saw one of the server ladies being consoled by the other workers. I didn't want to bother them at all, but from what I could hear, she sounded really upset about someone doing something? Ah well. Whatever it was, I pray she's okay now and that all is well. I was a little heartbroken when I saw her in tears. She's such a sweet lady.

After I ate, I read my vis1 book and literally took a nap on it. I was so sleepy. After that, I did thumbnails for vis1, then took reference photos for a possible bookmark design because there's a contest for SCAD students?? I figure it'll be fun to design, so that's on my list of things to do~

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