lol I look so dreary.
I took this before passing out at somepoint yesterday.
Mebbe I need to just post every two days :D

Yesterday was an extension of Thursday, where I did nothing productive. Woke up, watched youtube videos, ended up watching the second episode of Firefly and liked it a little better than I could remember the first episode. After that, I found  Rise of the Guardians and watched that. Liked it lots, thought it was super cute.
I remember playing Borderlands 2 for a couple hours, but I forget at what point. I played it, though, and wow my hands will not get use to fps with a keyboard. I try to open a box and I'd accidentally throw out a hologram of myself and I'd just facepalm. It's easier for me to aim with the mouse and keyboard, though, so I'll do my best in getting use to it.
I'm sure other uneventful stuff happened yesterday, I just can't remember any of it :D

TODay though, was.. well, it started interestingly enough. I stepped out of my dorm to head downstairs to get food when I noticed it was fairly darker than I expected it to be.I lift my gaze to the skies and GASP! A giant cloud of black smoke is billowing out from someplace distant yet near. Turns out a warehouse filled with tires caught fire. Luckily all the workers there got out safely, so no worries, but the school freaked out and closed down all the nearby schoolbuildings and shelter-in-placed a couple of the dorms, just in case. Heard they even cancelled a dance, which disappointed a lot of people, my roommate and her friend included. Hopefully they reschedule the dance, because that was a shame D:

Aside from the fire, I stayed indoors and mindlessly cut out paper birds for my 3-d project while watching many things, another episode of Firefly included. Curious on how my teammate is doin with her bird cut-outs...
I think this is like... 45 bird cutouts.
No idea how many we'll actually need.....

Uhhhhh can't think of anything else that happened today, so I'll end it here :3

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