UHhh I guess I can post today

have a pose reference photo :D
When was my last post even...--oh, okay. :D

So, starting with the 3-d project. We had a critique for the first time ever involving the whole class. The day started off with me feeling more or less grumpy because our professor decided to start class off by telling us we looked depressing and that he felt like he was the only one who was trying to look alive. And then he bumbled about how he probably shouldn't have even said that. And yeah, i was a little peeved. But the critique was okay. Everyone got involved and made comments, and the professor ate his own words. Afterwards, he picked out the projects he liked and told everyone else to take theirs home. My partner and I proceeded to take our birdnado and toss it out into the dumpster. Weight off my shoulderrssss

I had a test in Psych that I didn't do so well on after that. I managed about an 80, though, so I've no real problem.

--There's someone playing the bagpipes outside....

ANYWAy, so I finished the foxgloves comic for Lowe's class in Thursday. Was fairly pleased with what I did, but Lowe made a bunch of suggestions that could really help it out to be as complete as I want it to be. I'll have fix it later on, though, he gave us a 22 page script to thumbnail by tuesday and I've only got thee pages done, yaaay :D

Friday was a makeup class, but Lowe had us meet with Mark Kneece's scripting class so they could have a look at the comics our class did on a few of their scripts. Lowe just really likes the one I did I think?? iunno. He said it's almost Windsor McKay, which is, like.... a huge complimenthjgfs

Then on Saturday, the SEQA department was holding a Mini Comics Expo and I was tentative on going until my friend Ruzanna invited me along. So glad I went. I got  to see a lot of faces I hadn't seen in a while, and I got to see everyone's awesome possum work and it was such a nice little room of nice people. I mostly gathered up everyone's business cards and bought one print aaand Mad Rupert's comic Sakana. I always forget that she's a grad student here at SCAD... But yeah, it was a good time. All the SEQA teachers were running around with their kids, it was great.
After the minicomics expo, Ruzanna and I were walking back to the dorm when I noticed that the comic store having a blow-out of all their comics because it was going to be their last day to sell everything. So I dragged Ruzanna in with me and we spent about an hour going through all the comics. I ended up buying another issue of Guardians of the Galaxy out of order from what I have, a compilation of Rocket Raccoon comics from his first incarnation, and the first volume of Emerald City of Oz. Haven't read any of them because I got back to my dorm and was exhausted and wound up just laying around like a lazybutt for the rest of the day. But I did start my Vis1 thumbnails, so I'm still a good student :D

Going to the Minicomics Expo made me want to think up ideas for things I could print to sell for people to enjoy. I really liked getting to go through people's artwork and getting to hear them talk about their work and whatnot. It was really encouraging for me to want to do an artist alley thing at a con soon. I have a ton of ideas I thought up after the con. I hope some of the things are interesting enough to others. I'd really love to see people enjoy the comics I get out there one day.

Aaand I started watching Space Dandy this week. It's pretty fun. There's lots of boobs and butts so I have to be super conscious about when my roommate is here and not... watch, lol.  But yeah, I think it's fun. Takes me back to Cowboy Bebops and makes me feel like my brain is going crazy, trying to combine bebop with a Lisa Frank painting.  OH WELL. Again, it's fun :D And Kill la Kill is making me worried about my breathing, and Samurai Flamenco is just... it's just. it's JUUUST.

uhhh I think that's all :D
have a doodle :D

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