i'm so short mannnnn with my inviso-feet
i forget why I even took this picher.
THINGS HAPPENED TODAY AND YESTERDAYYY ANd I guess I can talk about Thursday also.

Thursday, Lowe went over our comic pages and he was just super into making them really good so I could get them to be portfolio pieces. I was super flattered. And then he told us our next assignment is to figure out our own story and thumbnail it out. I decided to do a comic with my rather simplistic cartoony fox character thing and I think Lowe is gonna be angry because it's such a far drift from the realistic-ish pages I've been churning out all quarter :D
After class, I had lunch with my buddybud again and gave her a copy of my PortableSAI because she's been asking about it for a while. It's fun getting to chat with her :3
Then I got this awful pain in my stomach???? Like, enough so that I was writhing on the floor. TMi i puked up most of my dinner. Didn't know what was wrong at the time, but I just wanted to finish puking so I could sit down, I was so tired... I called my mom afterwards and she helped me figure out a way to help the pain be less paaainful. Felt fine the rest of the night.
Later on that night, I watched episode 18 of Kill la Kill aaaand man that episode was a kick in the gut. I'm so glad I've been watching it. I also watched this week's episode of Samurai Flamenco, it was silly.
Then that was it I think :D

Then yesterday was Valentines Day, but that is besides the point.  :D
I planned with my classmatebuddy who's helping with my 3-d project to go to home depot. When  she arrived in her car full of several other people, I was very confused. But I got in, and the first thing they asked me was if I would be okay to listen to Starbomb, the music collab between NinjaSexPARTY and Egoraptor. Luckily, I was wearing my Jontron Grumps shirt, so we listened to that the whole way to Home Depot. Everyone got what they needed and we skedaddled, making a brief stop at a combination KFC/LongJohnSilver. The drive back was chatty. Got back to my dorm and... left right away to go to CVS because I had no toilet paper.
Got back to the dorm, had dinner, then I got that awful pain again. It wasn't to the point of puking like the day before, but I started to realize why--my stomach apparently isn't digesting properly???? Like... food and such hasn't been going through my entire digestive system, and I've been super backed up. Did all the little remedies my mom suggested and felt okay after a while. Not sure if I should get myself checked out or something, though?? Ah well.

I got into a long discussion about how my walk with God has been going lately. It was a little heated on my part, but that's because I was getting defensive and snippy. Luckily I was forgiven after. But it felt good to talk about it, where I am right now and whatnot, since I'm sstill super shy about my walk, but I'm slowly progressing, and it's comforting to realize.

Then tODAY, I woke up earlier that usual for a Saturday and walked all the way to the freshman dorms to play Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl with a bunch of kids. It was a fun time, got to chat with this super chill freshman girl named Jessie?? She always played Kirby, it was cute and reminded me of my buddy Gato and therein made me miss playing Brawl with my fwends back home. One day we will plays againnnnn.
lookit all these crazy kids
I entered the Tournament for the funs and ended up losing my first match. Wasn't bummed, I did my best, but the guy was super good with all the characters. Also I didn't have to scream about the smash ball 24/7 so it was boring for me, lol. But I still had funs. :D

When it was all done, I went back to my dorm and was reminded that someone was showing Millenium Actress in the downstairs ballroom.
How do you say no to this poster
So I got my dinner, ate half of it, then went downstairs to check it out. I actually haven't seen the movie before, so it was really nice to get to watch, and I really enjoyed it. I'm glad they've been showing Satoshi Kon movies here, I think last quarter, the same people showed Tokyo Godfathers, and I didn't get to go because of homework, but I really wanted to. It's been a while since I watched it last, like, back when Hollywood Video was still around, that's how long. Oh well. It's on netflix, so I'm covered :3

And now here I am, watching Cry's Late Night stream while I type this up while lying on my bed :D
the best set-up

I finished most of my vis1 homework. I probably need to work on my 3-d stuff all tomorrow, so I'll get to that and just finish what I have left for vis1 on Monday. It'll be a good time I guess :D

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