So this has been a week.

Uhhhhhhh hallo :D

not sure what to say about this week aside from how it's been faaairly stressful on me? School loans and things that I don't really feel like divulging in because it kinda just gets me down. 

SO. I actually don't remember what I've done all this week because of that :D

I was craving some fried pickles last night, but we only have tempura flakes, soooo I make tempura pickles :D Weird, but I thought it turned out okay. 


Aaand then this morning, I woke up to a notification from facebook from my brother, whooo challenged me to the ALS ice bucket challenge. I'm no wimpywoo, so I did it, and I looked up and found an organization that I wanted to donate to (John Paul II Medical Research Institute - http://jp2mri.org/ ) and yeah. I warmed up afterwards by playing Just Dance2 because whynot, lol. It was certainly a way to wake up :D

it was a little cold

oh, and I got two shirts from welovefine because I am a dork.

Last of Us shirt with the giraffe moment that makes me cry for no reason :D

aaand a Guardians shirt, because hey. I like it.

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