Busy.... week? Two weeks?? i forget.

Since my past post, I've been all around for birthdays and church events and etc. It's been... slightly exhausting? But overall really good :3

On the 26th, I went out to my buddy Keenan's birthday dinner down at Town Square's Yardhouse. After delicious eats and friendchats, the bunch of us meandered up to a bar/club while Ashley and I waited to get picked up to head home. The club was... okay? I thought the stage with the band was cute, but we didn't stay there long. Ended up waiting outside for a while where it was quieter.

sketch of the drawin I did for
Kreenan :3

absurdly 70s/80s poster in the
Then onnn Thursday night, the 31st, after College&Careers, we went to see the premiere for Guardians of the Galaxy, whICH WAS SUPAR AWESUM FUNTIME MOVIe and I want to go see it again immediately. Got to watch it in IMAX--which was a first for me--and we got special posters and I want to hang mine up now, but it will wait for then I return to SAvannah where I'll be able to put up all my posters and clutter up my dorm for oNE LAST YEAR, EW.
.. Anyway :D

babby plants
The day after, Ashlet stole me again after
dropping of her cutey plants at my house and took me to watch the movie God's Not Dead at her church. It was a really powerful message and a really great movie and I'm really glad I got to see it.
At the end of the movie, it said to text all the people in our phone contact list "God's not dead", so after some contemplation and plenty of encouragement, I sent out the text to everyone on my contacts. I was responded with a couple curious questionmarks, maybe one negative reply, but overall, I was able to tell everyone who responded about the movie. I was happy enough to be able to do that and just get in touch with everyone since I really don't text very often.
However, I did get a really moving response from one of my friends in Savannah. I told her about the movie and she seemed to be interested in it. The conversation died off after a few texts, so I let that be and went to bed. The next day, though, I got a text from her... "gods not dead". I was so giddy. I texted her back right away and asked her how she liked the movie. She ended up telling me how she's been feeling isolated because of her faith and started questioning God, but that the movie really brought her back and gave her a lot to think about. I felt so blessed that I was able to be that tool for God to bring back at least one person to Him. I offered to go to church with her when I get back to Savannah, I'm really excited about being able to fellowship with her :3

Yesterday, I got to go to my other buddy Kat's birthday celebration at her house. It'd been a few months/yeeaars maybe since I've been over there, so it was really nice to hang out there again with all the buddies which hasn't been able to happen for the longest time. I got to see one of my favorite fat doggypup, Talon, who was so excited to be around all the people for the first time in a while. I missed her a lot~ I got to go swimmin in Kat's pool, too, so that was funtimes, even if there were only three of us who remembered that it was a pool party/remembered to bring something to swim in.
Overall a funtime :B

doodle for gato :D

I slept over at Ashley's so I could head to church with her family this morning. It was a nice service, and I ended up joining her family for lunch at a greek food place, which was really nice. I don't think I've had any greek food before, so it was really yum. It was fun getting to hang out with her family and see them all interact. They're all sweeties.

got to hang out with this fuzzy butt a lot, too

Aand now here I am at home. I passed out at 6pm and slept til 8pm which was really weird because I had an alarm for 7 that I guess I missed. AH WELL. I'm awake now and I'm... about ready to play LoL, i'vebeenfiguringouthowtoplaythat recently, shh. I've had an account since I was in Savannah but I forgot about it until now, so I've been justnow starting to play. It's different from what I'm used to gaming-wise, but I think it's interesting. I had a really good game the other night, but I have no idea if it was luck or if I found my character finally, lol. AH WELL.

Oh, and I also bought myself the solo Brian Littrell CD because he is my favorite Backstreet Boy ever and I needed to have his album Welcome Home. I got it in the mail the other day and was greeted with a nicely presented, still wrapped CD case with the stickers and everything... but something felt off?? I peeled off the plastic and noticed a... hole, drilled through the corner of the case. I wasn't too hung up about it since it was no where near where the actual CD sat, but it just threw me off guard for a moment. The CD is fine and works perfectly, so the hole is no issue. Still just a mystery to mee....


....I think that's all I have to talk about, sooooo yeh :D

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