I typed this up at the airport with no internet :D

taking selfies in public places has always been weird for me
It's been a long three months, but in the long run, it's been good.

I haven't gotten to write up one of these since I before I went back for school... Since Sept., I was in an pretty low spot, bordering on rather bitter loneliness, but working on my comic projects for Larison's class was somewhat therapudic, despite now much stress it put me through. I guess I can start from the beginning.

Before my roommate arrived, i had my lonely corner.
So empty....
In the beginning of the quarter, I was comfortable in my dorm by myself. Maybe a little stinge of loneliness, but I was managing. Being on my own wasn't anything foreign to me, so I bucked up and just pulled through.

When my roommate finally arrived twodays into the start of classes, I was relieved that she was okay, but along with that came many late nights of listening to her skype with her boyfriend. It didn't particularly bother me until they'd argue, then I'd just get worried for my roommate and mad at her boyfriend. In addition to that, her boyfriend would spontaneously visit. The first time he came by, it was sometime past midnight, and he yelled her name from the parking lot while she was knocked out in bed. So he yelled for about 30 mins... while I was trying to sleep. I didn't stress myself too much about it, though, when she finally let him in and had him stay for the weekend. I just kept to my corner and did my homework as usual, went out and watched HTTYD2 with the rest of the school. No big.
waiting for dragons

my corner of the world...
The quarter moseyed along quietly from that point on. I was comfortable again in my corner bubble, just doing my work, keeping to myself. Then one day, in Larison's class, there was this sudden disconnect I felt. I knew it wasn't anything personal, but for some reason, that day, everyone in the class decided to sit on the side of the room opposite where I sat. Granted a bunch of people were absent, but for some reason, I felt really alone that day. On top of that, Larison assigned us our second set of comics, but required us to have reference photos for everything... and strongly suggested we take the photos with other people posing, rather than just of ourselves. For some reason, that really broke me, seeing everyone across the room, not knowing how to approach them. Feeling so disconnected from what seemed like a big family in that class was really disheartening for me. I was ready to take a poor grade for the assignment just because I didn't want to approach anyone. However, with a gentle push from my mom and my friends and a lot of prayer, I reached out to my classmates and was invited to a mini class photoshoot, and I was taken in like a stray dog off the street. I was so nervous when I went initially, since I assumed the bunch of them wouldn't like me at all. Course, I was wrong, and it went totally fine. At that point, I was glad to just get it over with and move on with everything. At least, that's what I thought would happen.

I think he's gesturing how to kill a shark... I forget.
Larison assigned the next set of comic roughs to have the same biz, photo reference and all. I got antsy again and whined, posting about how it was stressing me out on facebook, but that  somehow worked for my benefit, because the bunch of my classmates I did the previous photoshoot with invited me to another one. I was so relieved. I was so suprised that I actually gained friends... I honestly haven't tried making friends with anyone on my own since highschool. I was comfortable having my highschool friends support me and letting me amoeba friends from them, so making friends on my own was really a new experience, and despite my constant complaints, I'm glad I was pushed to it.

Mini-comics Expo was in the beginning of November and it was actually pretty fun, despite the fact that I went by myself. I got to talk to my professor, Dove, about his future endeavours, found all my classmates from Larison's class who had tables and pretty much hung out with them the whole time, and was even invited with them to go to McDonalds for lunch after. So glad to meet this rad bunch of kids. I was even inspired to do a convention artist alley in the future. I'm super excited already.
The rest of the quarter went by as it went.  I slugged along with finals, but somehow I managed, kicking and screaming along the way. I got to chat with Dove and Larison more, even got to see my old prof Bralph and he recognized me--which he better have, I've had like, three classes with him. But I gained a bunch of friendly faces along the way, and I'm excited to continue on and see what goes about with them as we all wander forward into the future :3

Going back to the topic of my roommate, though, last night, when I was getting a couple hours of sleep in that I could, I started to hear this banging from closeby. I assumed it was my roommate, fixing her stuff on her side of the room, but the sound was persistent. I looked up and notized my roommate passed out in her bed. I put my head back down... and the banging kept happening. That's when I realized that herrr boyfriend was probably outside... throwing rocks from the parking lot. He kept at it for probably 15+ minutes. And my roommate was just... dead asleep. Of course, I was a little huffy, but I stayed in my bed and just listened to it happen. A bunch of times, he hit the window really hard, and those times, I really wanted to run out and scream if he broke the window, I'd rat him out for it... but I stayed in my bed, covered my head and waited for him to stop. Finally he did, and some 5 minutes later, my roommate woke up and looked at her cellphone and went out to fetch him. And that's when I passed out.
I woke up this morning to an empty room, just as I arrived back in Sept. No big. I wrote on my little whiteboard and wished roomie a good break and that I'd see her nextyear. Then I left and waiting for the school shuttle to the airport, which is where I am right now, typing this. =D

Again, overall, it's been a rollercoaster of a ride this quarter, but I wouldn't change a thing. I feel like I've grown a bit, mentally and spiritually. The bumps along the way slowed me down, but I conquered those problems with God's strength to guide me and I'm absolutely blessed to be where I am today.
I'm excited to head home and see all my family and friends, though. I've been trapped in my dorm for wayyy too long. xD

At Latechurch, discovering Dove in the band
chillin at Haymans for the first time

Construction tearing apart the walkways behind the civic centerrr

Waitin on the ferry

Ridin on the ferry

chillin on the ferry
 Cut my bangs againnnn

Aand that's all for right now :D


It's been a day since I got home and man, my family's house smells so delicious, I always forget.

Got to see Big Hero 6 finally with Ashley, Sabrina, Kenny and his family. The movie was super grosscute and the short beforehand was also grosscute and I wanna go see it again with my brother so I can cry more. jkflda

Bring on all the relax and friendtimes, winterbreak!!!!!!!!!hjgdsl

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