Wheeey things :D

I've seen Guardians of the Galaxy two times since my last post.
Just so you know.

Sooo I think all I did last week was play League of Legends, which was horribly addicting because I'm so use to grinding in games to achieve a goal so it was like no biggy. I got to play with one of my friends and her buds while we all yelled at everything over skype. It was fun times :3

Monday/Tuesday-ish, I got bored and baked a cookie brownie thing that's been sitting in the pantry since I got back from Savannah. Apparently, I did okay with the bakesies, so that got eaten in about 3-4 days.

it was quite yum
lookit those comfortable boops
I think on Wednesday, mu parents decided they wanted to go watch Guardians, so I tagged along because I I am completely ready to watch the movie as many times as possible. We went to the Cannery Galaxy Theaters Luxory+ because my parents wanted to sit in the cushy squishy reclining chairs. Somehow we also got into the theater with the "biggest screen" and fanciest sound system so it was a little daunting, walking into that theater... Still, was as good as the first time I watched, so I was pleased, and my parents enjoyed it just as much as I thought they would, and I was happy for that :D

I don't recall going out again after that until Monday... Pretty sure on Sunday, I baked some cookies that have been sitting in the freezer since prrroobably December-ish. They actually turned out pretty well, in my opinion.

On Moooonday, I was stolen by my buddy Sir/Sarah and her mom to go meet kitties for the first time. Somehow I missed out on taking any photos, I'm incredibly dumb apparently. But yeah, I hung out with them for a while, played Kirby's Epic Yarn (and beat it) with Sir, then we went to go see Guardians because they hadn't seen it yet. AND THEY ALSO ENJOYEd. Then they fed me Thai food and I played with kitties until I had to leave.

Wednesday, I got to meet up with Ashley, her siblings, and our old buddy Francis for some catching up at Tea Time Cafe :D It was really nice to see him again and have some catching up time while we played all the games that were on the shelf to distract Ashley's kid siblings. On the way back home, we saw the prettiest rainbow in the sky :3

Then later than night, I got to play L4D2 with Francis and not fail completely from my ability as a master friendly fire deputy 8D

of course i had to velociraptor

Thursday! I helped my mom put together a delicious tortilla dip for the pot luck at C&C that night. When Ashley and I got there with our many foods, there were only about seven of us there to eat what was enough for 20 people. Later on the number of people went up to 11,  but still, so much food was left overrr. Still, though, it was a lovely time of fellowship. It's just so nice chilling out with the C&C group. :D

Friday, I was woken up to gross financial aid stuff. Currently dealing with that as best as I can. Kinda just tired of it, glad I won't have to deal with setting any of it up again after graduaaaation ew I'm graduating soon :p.

Aaand now here I am todayy. I baked cookies again and made some of the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for my mom because she likes those and I put her in a bad mood all yesterday so I'm hoping these'll cheer her up when she gets home :3

m&m cookiesss

macadamia nutss

lookit those colors
Also, my Guardians of the Galaxy OST just arrived in the mail and it is lllllllllovely. Still upset that "Groot Cocoon" isn't "We Are Groot", because that name would be perfect, whyisn'tit. I'm gonna import the CD to my itunes and manually rename the song.

i did it

I just remembered I watched AnoHana/The Flower We Saw That Day all week. Good melodramatic animu full of teenage angst and cuties. Watch if you feel like crying for 5hours. I ended up watching the movie after, which was a lot of recapping, but had a handfull of newthings that made it worth the watch.
I also started watching the new season of swimming animu... still as ridiculous as I remember.

Aaand the other day, I downloaded the Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo. Fun to do, a little lackluster, I guess, since I'm use to the modded Sims 3 stuff, but I guess that's just mee. All the stuff missing from the actual game that's been announced is a total bummer, though :p Don't think I'll be buying Sims4 any time soon unless they fix all that. But alas.
I made myself and my brother.
sims still doesn't know how to adjust heights so this looks absurd to me

Aand have my nails that I got bored and did for no specific reason :D

I liek red and teal.

Aaand now here I am, hanging out at home :D
it smells like new...

ok i'm done now.

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