Now I will briefly tell my tale of the journey home :D

SO THE LAST FEw weeks of school were less stressful than the bulk of the quarter. Had a mini-convention with my selfpublishing class, which ended up being super cute and more like a mini-bonding experience with the classes. I liked it and kinda wanna do it again.
My booth and boothmate at the
mini-con :3

Self publishing class books :D
After that, I got back to work on the last book I had to make for that class. Took me a while, but I got it done before bookbinding time so I was set to chillax after that. As soon as I finished the minicomic, did a few bookbindings, and wrote up my art history research paper, the latter of the quarter was fairly smooth sailing... until I made myself storyboard pretty much three scenes of Into the Woods. Everyone in class did maybe 45 boards, tops.... I did about 110 :D I'M COOL WITH IT BECAUSE I LIKE HOW THE STORYBOARDS CAME OUt, but dude I was working on that thing all through the week because I am a terrible. Luckily I finished all of everything else beforehand so it was the only thing left for me to work on till the last day of class. I got giggles out of my classmates when I presented it, so I felt pretty good about what I had done. AND THAT WAS MY LAST DAY OF CLASS.

After that class, I went straaaight to the school convenience store and bought a thing of sushi with the last of my dining dollars and rode back to the dorms to complete the packing that had be ongoing with my storyboards, so all I had left to pack was clothes and do some laundry. But then the laundry machine was a mean and kinda ruined a couple of my clothes and made everything smell like gross, but I was out of quarters and couldn't do anything about it at all :( So I just packed everything up, doing my best to keep the stinky laundry'd clothes away from the clean stuff. Packing and getting things into storage was no big, my dad got me the smallest storage unit which was a 5ftx5ft unit which was a little more than enough space than I needed for my stuff alone. Then my dad and I made our way to the airport at about 1pm to wait for our 6pm flight.
All my stuff, ready for storage and travel....

Nutella gelatooo.....
My dad and I chilled at the airport for quite a while. I had myself a thing of nutella gelato, which was crazy delicious and full of so much sugar that I was getting a sugarcrash  as the day widdled away. But we continued to wait, and wait, and wait. My dad started to mess with his phone and take selfies. The wait continued... until the ladies at the desk started to tell us how the plane still hadn't even arrived. The 6pm flight was pushed to be a 7pm flight. So we continued to wait... Finally the plane arrived. People began to slowly file out of the runway...
Another announcement: there was an accident in one of the bathrooms. Maintenance had to work on that extra, so the 7pm flight was now a 7:30 flight...
Our connecting flight was at 8:55.
The plane took off at about 8 and arrived at Atlanta at maybe 8:35 at Concourse A, Gate 7. My dad and I made a mad dash for our connecting flight... at Concourse E, Gate 1. ANd I was the smartest, wearing heels.
Safe to say we didn't make our connecting flights :D
Two blistered feet later, my dad and I made our way to the help desk where we were given vouchers and a free stay at a hotel, as well as new flights out of Altanta to Vegas. Shenanigans with my dad getting the wrong foods from Panda Express, then we were off to the hotel, which was this incredibly new and clean hotel place called Staybridge and the room we were in was pretty much a mini-apartment and I was so determined to live there. It was so nice... My dad and I continued to bond over Treehouse Masters on tv.
hi dad.

Dad and his selfies......
The flight out of Atlanta went smoothly, aside from a little girl smackin around the pulldown table on the back of my chair, but it was relaxing aside from that. Finally we arrived in Vegas and my dad had a new addiction to selfies. We got home and I immediately unpacked everything and had a visit from my buddy Ashlet, who was gonna pick me up the next morning for church anyway.  Overall, despite the bumps and turns, the journey home was an interesting and memorable one. And I'm glad to be safe and sound at home :3

Sundaymorning, Ashley picked me up to go to church where I was greeted by so many smiling faces. It was super great to just submerge myself in that environment again. Also the first song the worship group sang was my favorite and I was just giddy.
After church, Ashley, her brother, and I moseyed to a sushi place for some all you can eats. I hadn't had any /real/ sushi for about 3 months, so I was itching for some. Left the place satisfied and glad :D
Then finally, I was stolen away to meet the froofiest puppy in the world. Maybe it was the fact that we just came back from sushi, but I haven't gotten as many facelicks from a puppy before in my life. Somehow I didn't take a million pictures of him, but I totally would have if I had a good camera on hand. Ohh man. Keep me away from pets, they are my distraction from all. Totes can't wait to go visit puppy again--imean visitmydearfriend'shouse, hahaha......

Got home and got to go on a walk to the park nearby my house with my mom. It was super nice and relaxing, but good for light exercise. It was a nice starry night and my mom was singing Frozen. She's a silly.

Aaand that brings me to today :D I mostly chilled in my room most of the day, reading comics and mangers, then my mom calls and tells me she's getting out of work early and would take me out to get my hair trimmed. I told her about my split ends and she wanted to check out any nearby salons. We ended up going shopping at a nearby SteinMart and buying clothes for my family's trip to the Philippines, which is at the end of the month, and I'm super excited to go on that trip. I haven't been back to the Philippines since I was about 6 or 8, so I remember very little about the visit. So I'm pretty excite.

BEFORE THE PHILIPPINES, THough, I get to go to the AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC-CON again :D I wasn't expecting to go since I thought it was the weekend that my family would be flying out of the country, but it isn't, so I immediately bought tickets on Groupon and decided to wear my Knives cosplay again since it's my most comfortable. So excited for that.

ALSO, SOMETHING I HAVEN'T DONE YET IS WATCH CAPTAIN AMERICA 2: WINTER SOLDIER. I REALLY... REALLY... REALLY WANNA GO SEE THAT. ANd my dad said that we might be able to go see it this week maybe, so I have hope. But  omg, I have waited long enough that I'm... hardly minding that it's almost out of theaters. I can get a fancy dvd soon probably. I can wait for that really good. I'm good at waiting for stuff.......

... I think that's all I really have to say?? No other news on  the homefront. Just super excited to see friends and family again <33

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