myep :\
Been a whiiiile again (slight tmi ahead??)

Just wanted to note that I've been pretty sick these past few days, having the hardest time keeping food down. Prayin it's something that'll pass before finals hit. All I can do for now is drink water until I'm full. I forget if they have gingerale downstairs...

Maybe all this sick is spurred by the slight stress? I had a silent freakout in my head about money the other day but it was quickly resolved.

The end of the quarter is coming along a little smoother than I expected. My self publishing class had a mini-con that makes it feel like finals passed already, so I feel pretty relaxed right now. Aside from the sick.
I've got an 8page research paper to write by Monday and a whole animation sequence to storyboard out for Tuesday. I think I've got a busy weekend ahead of me. Not until I got see Into The Woods tonight, though. Been looking forward to it all weeeek.

aahhh I think I should lay down, do I'm gonna go do that.
I'll prolly say hullo again around the last day of class or after, so see y'all again thennn. <3

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