Fun... week?? Thus far. :D

My mom suggested I go out like this. I chose not to.
Gonna type this up while my hair dries :D

Green Tea Matcha macaroons....
Soooo Tuesday was pretty chill. Ashlet briefly came over and we chatted about what she did at school with her class. Don't believe much else happened.

Wednesday, I went with my mom to her doctor's appointment. I ended up sitting in the waiting area for a hour-ish, listening to Game Grumps. Afterwards, we went to Wholefoods and I got a container of salmon sashimi and just devoured that for my lunch because I was so hungry.

Thuuuursday was nice. Exciting, I think, would be a good word for it. My mom and dad left  early in the morning for my dad's doctor's appointment, and I was about ready to spend the whole day sitting on my floor, drawing. But then my parents get home and dad tells me we're gonna go look for my new phone and go watch cAPTAIN AMERICA FINALLYjlda. So we did that :D
I spent maybe 20minutes shuffling back and forth between an HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active at the AT&T store. The deciding factor ended up being the fact that the HTC had an annoying news updates type dashboard thing that was just an extra step to getting to the actual cellphone apps. It'd be good if I were super into keeping track of news and social media updates, but I couldddd care less :D The Samsung just felt more familiar to me, so I chose it. Also the blue shell is nice. I have to wait for the store to order it, though, since they ran out of the blues and only had a gray one, but I was determined to get a blue. Also to get a white case thing, but they did not have at the store, so I just ordered one off amazon, lol.
So few people in the theater with meee...
THEN WE WENT TO THE MOVIE THEATER AND MY PARENTS DITCHED ME TO GO WATCH X-MEN WHILE I WATCHED CAP BY MYSELF, BUT I WAS OKAY WITH IT BECAUSE I NEEDED TO SEE MY WINTER PUPPYhjvkfs. All my friends know I've been waiting to see this movie since the first Cap. After Bucky fell off that train and "died", I went home and immediately looked his story up in the comics and discovered that he--the comic universe(s)' Bucky--"dies" and winds up getting picked up and brainwashed by soviet russians who use him to be a hitman, pretty much, becoming the winter soldier. In other universes, Cap dies and Bucky briefly replaces him. It's all very complicated. BUT ANyway, because of my awkward obsession with Bucky/Winter soldier, every scene of Bucky just made me sad. He's just a lost little brainwashed puppy who doesn't know better and is just following orders or he'll get an owie. My mom tried to coax me out of the theater before the end of the credits, but I'm so used to the Marvel movies all having something extra at the end that I just know I'm supposed to stay, no matter how much I might need to use the bathroom :D...
... Aside, I was one of maybe 9-10 people in the theater. And it was a tiny theater. Ah well :3

Aaand that brings me to today. I started off the day straightening my hair since I was going out tonight with buddies for a graduation celebration. After that, in some subconscious self-destructive moment of thought. I decided to watch all the "behind the scenes" featurettes for Les Mis, then watched the whole movie itself. All of these things made me cry right before I had to get ready to go hangout. i reallylikethemovie/showingeneralokaylhjfga. But yeah, slightly puffy eyes, I had them. Luckily, it didn't seem to look like too much, so I was able to safely go hangout without having to worry about looking like a wreck :D
Then finally, my mom drove me out to China Town and dropped me off at the food place where my friends and I ate delicious thai&chinese foods. I was way too into my Thai Iced Tea  and being with all mah buddies to really think about what I was eating, but the food was also good :3
After foods, we all moseyed over to New York New York casino to check out the new Hershey's store and see what all the hype was about. It was pretty interesting--and chocolate. Very chocolate. I watched on as everyone bought sweets and I was just devastated by the fact that everything in the store wasn't made of chocolate.
After a little wandering around the Hershey's place, we meandered over to the Arcade area and checked if the roller coaster was still open, because it was pretty late. It was about 11 when we asked, and the guy said it closed at midnight. Soooooo just six (myself included) of the big group of us rode on the roller coaster. I had fun, especially since it had been a couple years since I was on it. It'd totally ride it again. My throat is still sore from screaming.
As soon as we got off the ride, I beelined for the House of the Dead 4 game, because arcade shooting games are my fave. Got to the firstboss and died just before finishing it, awww. Then we moseyed along to where Tony and Errka were playing DDR. After a while, Larry and I teamed up to play Time Crisis 3, and we got pretty far uuuuuntil the arcade turned off the power on everything and we had to leave. We ended up loitering in the entrance way for a while, chatting, getting ready to leave, but then getting caught up in conversations again and talking more.
It was fun hanging out with everyone again. though :3

And now here I am, my hair in a towel, almost 3am and I'm huuuuuungry.


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