POST TO END ALLLLLL but not really I've just been lazy to make these as of late :D

my hair is in my eye :(
Hay guys :D
I've been busy.
or lazy.
I can't tell which anymore.


still has the sticker on it because
i don't like fingerprinty screens :P

Nope, it was after my buddy's graduation celebration hangout/get together :D

So it's been about two weeks since then, and I've been out and about all over the place.
Finally got a new phone, been goin to church on Sunday and C&C with Ashley, as well as been volunteering at the Smith Center for the show Book of Mormon for these two weeks.

C&C has been swell, I got invited to a little pool party thing last Saturday and it was a nice time. It's really just relaxing to be surrounded by that bunch of kids.

Yay :D

So I ushered opening day of Book of Mormon at the Smith Center with about 20% knowledge of the show. All I knew was that it was a musical about the Book of Mormon, it's made by the guys who made South
On the way to opening night of BoM....
also figuring out my phone :D
Park, aaaand because of that, it's a little questionable on the scale of "appropriateness". I've ushered three of the shows already, most of them sold out or nearly sold out. Personally, I think it's a silly show. It's fun in it's way, but it has it's overthetop inappropriate stuff that was expected. The songs are unfortunately catchy and I've had about four of the songs stuck in my head since my second show. My favorite, though, is "I Believe", just because of the underlying message that this guy singing is putting his utmost faith in God (as well as his silly little additional beliefs) and it's absolutely precious. Of course, things go awry, and that also adds to how just cute the song ends up being, but I love the song for the first reason, over that. In my brain, I like to keep the song out of context and pretend what happens after doesn't happen, but eyyy

Going back a bit, Father's Day was a bit of a doozy. The day before, I had the sudden realization that I couldn't really give my grandfathers anything for Father's Day since they've both passed away. I further depressed myself by realizing that both of my parents didn't have fathers to celebrate for father's day, either, so I opted to stay home all day and keep them company in case they had the same epiphany. It ended up being a nice day. I made my dad breakfast and got to watch the movie Fly Away Home with him as he slept on the couch next to me.

And that's mostly all I've been up to. I've been working on a commission that was requested back in February that I had to hold off on till I was on summer vacation. Luckily the ladies who are asking for the commission were patient with me.

To put that to a halt, though, I'M GOING TO A CONVENTION TOMORROW, WHEEee, and at the last minute/just the week before, I decided to slap together a closet cosplay of Kamala Khan/the new Ms. Marvel. All I had to really do is paint a lightning bolt on one of my black shirts and I was set. I'm super excited to see all my friends' cosplays that they've been working for the past few months. It's gonna be a fun time :3

Also also, on theee 25th/Wednesday, I'll be leaving for the Philippines with my family to go visit and be tourists and I'm excited because I haven't been to the Philippines since I was little. I also get to hangout with my brother since he's coming along, too, so that's also exciting :3

All this exciting stuff and I need to keep working on my commission, I literally only started typing this up because it meant I could take a longer break on the commission man I'm awful. BUT I'M EAGER TO FINISH BECAUSE THE LADIES WHO REQUESTED THE COMMISSION ARE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEND THEM THE COMPLETED DRAWINGS OF THEIR CUTIE PETS~

Ahhhh...I think I should sleep. Gnights.

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