SPRing break is hello, I guess I should type about my daysss, which have mostly consisted of homework and comics, so it's kindof mostly boring, aside from the fact that Lowe thinks my final assignment comicpages were portfolio-worthy and yeh. 3-D ended on a good note as well. Professor Barbier and I accidentally matched outfits and I pointed that out and he got excited, it was fun. Psych also ended on an interesting note, because he gave us our essays and I thought he marked mine as a 50 out of ???, so I asked him, and I actually missread it and it was a 90, so all was well. :D

IT'S BEEN A GOOD QUARTEr. I've gotten a lot of seqa work done that I'm pretty proud of, gotten 3-d design out of the way, and learned more psychology stuff to store in my brain. I'm pretty pumped for next quarter, but this upcoming week will be a much needed break. I think I've got a lot of sleep to catch up on, ehehjvkfs.

Not sure what else to say, just heard someone outside bellowing a mighty bellow.
Sounds like it's gonna be a quiet week :D

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