First day of classss

I was sitting on the floor for this
And what a sleepy day it was :D
Guess I can breeze over springbreak while I'm here, too.

Uhhh so I was alone in my dorm for most of the break. Didn't do much anything productive, but it was a good break to relax for the next 10weeks of busies. I remember playing a lot of video games and not drawing, oops.

Something to note is that one Friday, I went to McDonalds up the street and bought a 20piece thing of chicken nuggets.
I use to be able to devour that many on my own with no issue. At about 10 I was done, BUT FOR SOME SELFDESTRUCTIVE REASON, I JUST FINISHED THE BOX IN ONE SITTINg. Ended up reviving those tummypains :( But the pain went away with time.
LAST NIGHT, THOUGh, I don't know what I did--I think I ate too much throughout the day, and the tummypain came back. I spent all of Sunday night just writhing on my bed. Sat through Once Upon a Time and Walking Dead AND 50 minutes of Talking Dead until I just couldn't stand the immense pain and just threw myself into a hot shower, which only alleviated the pain for some 45 minutes. It came back with a VENGANCE and I was just done. I did my best to go to sleep early-ish at about 1am, but my stomach was just in such pain that I just flopped around on myyy bed until 6am until the pain faded enough for me to sleep for maybe an hour. My alarm went off at 8am and I had to wake up and be, and I was just... shocked at the pain being gone. Awfulawful way to start the day/new quarter...

... However, the day itself was good :D I woke up at 8am to go to the package center and get some rubbershoes/tennisshoes/i don't know what to call them shoes that my mom sent me so I could actually go to the gym this quarter, and it was actually kindof refreshing, jumping right out of bed into the outside to wake up my body, especially after only sleeping for an hour. Got the shoes, walked back to the dorm, tried the shoes on an they were perf. I was actually worried about the colors for a while because when my mom first sent me a picture of them, I thought it was just black with a red stripe on them, and that was a photo she took in the store. Then after she bought them, she took another photo while at home and sent it to me, and it looked like the red stripe was suddenly this bright highlighter pink stripe, and pink is cool and all, but iunno about wearing highlighter pink on my feets. But my worries melted away when I opened the box back at my dorm: The outlining around the stripe was this subtle teal, and the stripe was an orangey red. THE COMBINATION BLINDS ME, I LOVE IT. Ahaaaa that's when I realized my mom is besss at choosing stuff for me sometimes :3

Classes were fairly long, but pretty good in general. The Getting Published and Self Publishing SEQA class with Kit seems super daunting at first, but after sitting in the class a while and letting it sink in while ignoring how tired I was, it sounds like a really really productive class, and I can't wait to get all the work for it together. The goal of the class is to have something put together and printed and bound in a book-form that can be given out or sold at cons or even get sent out to publishers. We had to pick from making a comic book, childrens book, mini-comic, graphic novel, portfolio book, and a pitch book/packet, and we're allowed to do more than one, as long as there's a minimum of 24pages of something. So I decided that I'll be making a 12ish-page portfolio book, and two 8ish-page (mini) comic books. Super pumped for this class, yo. And Kit is such a sweety, I enjoy her as a teacher so much, I wanna be her buddyyyy. Curse my sitting in the back of the room next to the door-habit.
Got a couple hours of chill time, then I was off to 20th Century Art history, which looks to be a pretty lecture-y class, so I predict me falling asleep a few times in class from now to the end of the quarter. I was amused at how many girls were in the class, though. There's maybe 7 guys out of the 30 students. Ah well. Also, it looks like we have a lot of assignment-type things for the class to do. I wasn't exactly expecting an easy class, but I wasn't really expecting all of the work. Maybe it just sounds like a lot to my tired brain. Oh well. Teacher also has a weird habit of running away with his sentences and using upward inflections at places where he seems to be putting commas down in his brain, but it... makes my brain want to wander off and listen to the a/c. Hopefully the class'll turn around with time. :3

Aaand now here I am, sitting on my bed, rather than on my squeaky chair, which actually busted up more over the break. It got to the point where I was scared to sit in it, so right now, it's sitting in timeout until I can buy myself a new one and throw it away :D CAN'T WAIT TO GET RID OF IT, I'VE HAD THE CHAIR FOR TWOANDAHALF YEARS NOW hjgflsa
You bad chair you.

.... :D

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