I forgot to update this for a while :D

in my newyears party getup.
Quuuite a bit has happened since I last posted. I went home for winter break, was a hermit for a lot of the time, played a lot of Dragon Age: Origins, hung out with Ashlet a lot, watched the Into the Woods movie, saw all my favorite people in New Years, etc... I'm pretty sure I ushered for a show at the Smith Center but I can't remember which one for the life of me.....--Pippin. Wow. Okay. That was a fascinating show, now that I remember it. Anyway, that was my whole winter break.
Just before I left, my darling dearest friends that I've gathered from middle school came over to see me off and in general just to hang out and catch up since it had been so long since we were all together. It was a really nice time and I'm glad I got to spent time with them before hopping on the plane.

These were all waiting for me when I came home :D
I visited the duck park at one point during the break, which was nice :D
My grandma is a cutie

Newyears cuties :D

My favorite babies

Going to the airport was a bit of a struggle. I had eaten too much over the past few days since the night prior to New Years Eve, so I was getting tummyaches like no one's business for those days. As soon as my friends left, my stomach was in all sorts of twists and it was painful to just stand up straight or really do anything. I pushed through, though, because my mom, dad, and grandma were all there to comfort me and help me. I was so blessed. Just sitting with them while I was powering through my stomach ache made me feel miles better instantly. As soon as I was feeling alright, we said our farewells and I flew off to Savannah.

The SCAD shuttle that picked me and twoothergirls up from the airport was new. Like, brandnew. It kinda felt like bullet train if I think about it. Later, everyone discovered that these were the new buses for the school in general, and they're zoomin all over town now. It's actually really weird to see against the historic district, but I'm not complaining. They're actually really nice buses.

These are super nice buses, though, really.

so clean...

the closet completed
the closet
Anyway, I came back to an empty dorm again. I was actually kinda frustrated because it looked like my roommate left without really tending to cleaning. There were old banana peels sitting in the trash still when I came back. I cleaned up immediately. Because of how long she was taking to arrive, I ended up sorting all her things on her side of the room. When she finally did come back on... I think it was Thursday or Friday night of the first week of classes, I had already arranged her side of the room to look at least nice, even put together her freestanding closet rack that had been sitting under her bed for all of last quarter. I was just kinda fed up seeing it there 24/7. But she came back and was not upset but thankful for what I did. I found out that she and her boyfriend were in a car accident on their way from Atlanta, so they had to do stuff there, and that's why it took them so long to get here. I was glad they were okay, though.
My roommate and I had a small disagreement the following week. I was holding some bitterness, which was bad on my part, so I probably should have waited to say something, but it happened. We've talked it out since then, and we've actually been talking more here and there. Last year, we kinda just existed in the room together, so this is a nice change.

Speaking of change, I've been in a kind of slump as of late. For Senior Project class, it's basically a self-directed sort of class: we work on a project at our own rate and just come in to share what we're been working on in class. It's been nice, but I've gotten so behind on my schedule because I've been so drained of motivation. I want to work on my project, but every time I start, I want to put it aside and distract myself. It's bad. Maybe it's an excuse, but I've been in my current environment for far too long. I'm pretty sure I've gotten bored of my surroundings, more specifically my dorm in O-house. Maybe it's a military child thing, but I guess staying in one place too long makes me antsy. However, since my disagreement with my roommate, a friend of mine actually offered her room to me for next quarter since her current roommate was clearing out by the end of the this quarter. She lives in the women-only dorm, Pulaski House, and I'd actually been into the room briefly to help her drop off stuff, but Pulaski was really nice. I told her I wouldn't mind switching to that room with her in the future, but it was more like a far-off dream. We kept on talking about it, though, and the more ideal and possible it sounded to me. So last week, I sent in a request for a room-change. There's a small chance of it going through, though, since apparently the school has already assigned rooms for the next batch of students coming in/back, but I'm praying for this to happen. I love my current roommate, but I'm so bored of this dorm. It's been a place of memories, that's for certain. Sir and Ashlet used to room here together before me, but that air has long since gone, and my hold on sentimentality is weakening. It's about time I moved forward, right?
Plus, Pulaski rooms come with a little kitchenette, and sometimes I miss making my own food, yenno. So yeah. I'll keep praying for that. My heart is super set on it, but I'll be prepared and allright if it doesn't go through.

School-wise, I've been fair. It's been an interesting set of classes. My architecture history class is focused on theatrics, which is actually more fascinating than I expected. I went into the class, expecting more technicalities about stage design and craft, but it's actually been about the theatricality of spaces both out in the world as well as inside of a theatre, how cities and even buildings themselves are stages. The course is called "All the World's a Stage" after all. It's actually the first time the course has been taught and the professor--who is the cutest little button--admitted to our class being his guinea pig class. Overall, it's been a lot of reading, but mostly good an interesting reads. One article we read was about how a baseball field is a stage and the game is the play. It was actually fun to think about. But that's that class. We got to visit the Trustees theatre here in town last week and hear about it's history, which was cool, even got to know about some of my classmates who I never talked to before. :D

cutest little button professor.
Some shots from the Trustees Theater
our tiny group
I actually never noticed how vast the seating was,
especially for a movie/projection-type theater.

The lady pulled up the screen and showed us the rest of the stage :D

Tiny cute professor.

check out the little bit of the fly system I poorly photographed :D (+professor)

And then here is the Lucas Theater, which we did not get to go into and tour
because it was closed :(

Senior Project has been interesting, as I mentioned. I tend to work most and best while I'm in the class, but that's only 2 andahalf hours for two days during the week. I'll never get finished at that rate, so I'll have to boot myself into gear this weekend after a night of rest. We actually went to the Savannah Morning News offices this morning for class and got to see the huge printing presses, both old and new. It was actually kindof amazing to see, and even seeing the office life of building was really cool. Working in an office/in a cubicle never seemed boring to me, to be honest. And a neat place like that might be nice even. We got to meet the newspaper's cartoonist, who was actually a SCAD alum, which was really awesome. His cartoons were pretty amazing, too. He had his originals on hand and let us have a looksee. It was a super nice time there in general. But I actually left there with a huge migrane... and I had to go to my next class immediately after, so that was tough, but hey, I'm alive. Just need some rest.


And finally, the in-house cartoonist and his office :D

Intro to Chinese Language has been tough, in all honesty. I love the class, but man, I'm struggling so bad with my tones and listening. I've got writing down no prob, but I'll probably be terrible holding a conversation with someone in Chinese. My professor speaks to us like we're fluent, though, so it's tough, but I guess that helps us learn, makes me listen harder, which is good. I guess my biggest obstacle is constantly comparing the Chinese characters to Japanese kanji and recalling the Japanese words in my head and then making it Chinese again after........ then again, I'm probably no better with conversational Japanese, either. :D

Ah well. It's been 5 weeks and we're just past midterms. I'm exhausted, tired, eager, excited, amazed, nostalgic--all of the feelings I'm feeling now are good and tired. I've been in a weird sort of limbo right now, but I think I'm in a much better place than I was last quarter. I was definitely at odds with myself and everything and everyone then, but now, the skies (when it is not cloudy) seem a lot brighter.
... I wonder if it's the cloudiness, though. It's been ultra cloudy since I came back, lol. Maybe my lack of motivation is seasonal depression?? Hm. Whatev, I can deal :D

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