This'll probably be a huge  textpost with no photos because I'm way too lazy to get a hold of all the photos, bUT WE'LL SEE (but not really because I just finished typing up the post and i don't have any of the photos on hand, so oh well :D)!!!!

So first of all, I GRADUATED! SCAD was an amazing awesome sauce experience and I'm more than happy to say that I graduated from my dream school in my dream major. Since my last post, I made better friends with peeps from that Senior Project class and finished my final by nixing doing any colors, I dug further into Constructive Anatomy for my fourth and final class with Dove, I squeezed my way through Intro to Chinese AND Chinese 2, and I learned all about the theatrics in architecture, and I brushed up on some Impressionism art history. I also ended up moving out of O-House and into my buddy Betty's dorm in Pulaski, as I mentioned strongly considering beforehand. It was a nice change and rooming with someone I could talk to easily was much more comfortable for me. Rooming was Betty was totally fun--and it probably opened up more experiences with classmates since she would invite me along to things a lot. I ALSo had my first artist alley table at Swarm Con!! It was a really great learning experience (thanks to Betty's all-knowing help), and it definitely encouraged me to do more artist alley tables in the future!
Lots of late-nights with friends, movie viewing, tv show marathoning, trips to office depot/max, as well as spur of the moment trip sto crab shack/Tybee, my final quarter was definitely an exciting one. I was even going to church every Sunday on my own, which made my weeks feel lighter.
Savannah was a wonderful place, and SCAD was my home away from home. One day, I'll go back and remember all the things I learned and see how far I've come... How great that'll be to see :3

I remember graduation pretty well: My mom, dad, and grandma, as well as my brother and his bf Dillon, flew all the way to Savannah to see me walk. It was always a weird juxtaposition to see any of them in Savannah, since I correlated my family with the Vegas desert and college was this separate entity from them, but the two worlds colliding always made me smile since I could share the town with them.
Did the touristy things and walked River Street with my family, rode the tiny ferry, went to a pre-graduation concert with my bro and Dillon, slept until 5am and threw myself to the graduation venue. All the prep stuff was kinda annoying, but we all got through it, and we all got to walk across the stage and get our empty diploma holders. My dad was the only one who attended the first ceremony, so he got to see all the cool stuff, like John Lasseter being the speaker man, making everyone cry. It was pretty grand. The handing out of the diploma ceremony was less exciting, but it happened, and everyone was cool. Can't wait to run onto one of those crazy kids I graduated with in the future, being all successful and whatnot. :3
After graduation photos, my family had sushi, passed out, then one of the nights, I went to the nerdy bar in town with my bro and Dillon. It was pretty fun--I was set on going there after Betty went there with a couple friends herself, and it was great--a little iffy at first, but when we got settled in, everything was alright. We played giant jenga with another group, then with played the night away with from Smash Bros. The boys wanted to go bar hopping more after, but I was exhausted, and I also didn't wanna get uber drank, so I let them go off on their own while I chilled with the parents.
The day before we all left, my family drove out to Tybee because I wanted them to experience Crab Shack. We made sure to go to the beach first, per my bro's request, and we ended up seeing a fat jellyfish and didn't go into the water anymore :D We went to Crab Shack, and of course it was so crazy busy because that's how good it is. My family loooved it, though. Would totally go back to Savannah for Crab Shack.......
Anyway, the morning after, my parents, Grandma, and I all headed to the airport after finally handing off my dorm keys and bidding Savannah a wistful farewell. College sure sent me on a roller coaster of memories, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Settling in back home was interesting. Soon after getting back, though, Ashley and I had signed up for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic-con artist alley, so I had lots to prepare for! Prints were made within the short time and the turn out was actually much better than I expected! Going off of my Swarm-Con experience, I was expecting many buyers, but apparently I shouldn't compare small conventions to med-large cons that are growing every year. Overall, it was a great time--and I'll probably try to get a table again next year :3

Since getting home, my mom planned a graduation/birthday celebration for me as well as the celebration of relatives visiting from all over. So I had quite a bit of time from then to the date. I can't really remember doing much  in the time between, aside from lots of job searching... probably art commissions and whatnot looped around going to C&C.... --Oh, I went to Disneyland at some point for a thing :D But when the time came for the party, I was a little less than excited. I was more eager to see my relatives than to celebrate. The handful of the relatives and my family piled into a van and moseyed over to the Grand Canyon, which I hadn't seen since I was a wee bab. It was a fun time with the relatives, and I got to bond more with my brother and Dillon, which was nice. The day after, it was party time, and I came to the conclusion that the party was for my mom, not for me, so I spent most of it the part chilling with my friends in the corner, reminiscing about the good old days...
... The day after the party, I ended up getting a dog :D She the cutest little whiney baby with a bit of separation anxiety, but I love her anyway. When I walked up to her at the adoption event, I just feeeell in love with her. I told my mom she was the one I needed and she needed me. My mom said we had to go home and get my dad's approval, so we brought him to the store, and after much convincing, he also fell for the small cute dog that I lovingly named Hope, not because of my blue lantern nerding, no...
My days with Hope have been so nice. She's not too hyper but she gets spooked pretty easily. But she's a lovely lap dog and I adore her :3

Some days later, I told my parents that I was ready to buy a new desktop computer. We went to Fry's to see what they had in stock, and I was ready to buy a lesser grade desktop with a plain tower case, but my mom knew my aesthetic and pointed out this tall white tower case with really nice hardware. It was a little out of my price-range, but my mom encouraged I save up for it.  A couple days pass and I'm keeping an eye on the particular desktop online--and realize that it's on sale. I quickly tell my parents, and we head out to Fry's to see if we can get a hold of it. Turns out another guy has his eye on it, but the sales associate helping us out claims the floor model for us, and discounts it since it's already out of the box. It was pretty rad--that Fry's guy was a cool guy.
So now I have a fancy white tower desktop that I dubbed "Mercy" while on my way home. Everything looks 10x nicer on the desktop, it's cray. Alas, I still use my laptop since I have to hook the desktop up to it for internet because I was a butt and didn't get a wifi adapter for my desktop, gjob me :D

So sooomewhere around the day of the party, my buddy Sami texts me and asks if I'm still looking for a job, because her work at the Disney Store has a seasonal position open. I text her back immediately and she gives me the deets and I apply as fast as possible. Sometime around the end of September, I was hired as a seasonal Sales Associate at the Disney Store :3 I'm still just starting out so I get all nervous, but it's been a blast, really. Unfortunately, with my very open schedule, it's looking like it'll cut into a lot of days and times I opt to do things, like hang out with my parents, go to C&C or a Bible Study, or even just hangouts with friends. It's a little  disheartening, but I'm sure I'll get into the flow of it as time goes on. I'm excited--nervous, but excited. First job, yenno...

As time has gone on, though, I've been coming to terms with a lot of things. I've learned how to let go of things a bit better. I've found that I need to cut some things out of my life. I've decided that I might find my place elsewhere rather than here. Where I am right now is a safe, sheltered, and content place in my life. But I feel like there's something more for me--as if I'm being called elsewhere. I've settled in my comfort zone for much too long, and I think I'm wanted somewhere else--someplace no one knows my name just yet... having a taste of befriending new people back in SCAD in my final two years without a friend [of a friend] to attach myself to, not having to be "so-and-so's friend", was an experience--and... I don't know. Broadening my horizons always appealed to me, and the idea of new friendships sounds awesome. But moving forward... it's a big step. It's not a decision I can really make on my own... so... I'll be prayerful in that for now. If God is the one calling me elsewhere, then I'll make my way out there by His way~

... and I think that's all that's been going on with me as of late. I'm currently downsizing on a lot of my stuff that I've been desperately holding onto for no reason other than to collect dust, and it's just been really refreshing, being able to take something I've had for so long and say "... I don't really need this anymore." I guess I've been growing. Cool :3

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